Twitter GOES CRAZY After Chuck Todd Suggests Joe Biden Is TOO OLD & Deeply Unpopular! Lol!


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  1. Lindsay Graham Mitch McConnell and a lot of others need to be dealt with also!! The millionaire Republicans in office are just as bad. TERM LIMITS NOW!!!!! Without tearing the whole thing down TERM LIMITS is the only way to fix this corrupt organization we call our government. I refuse to pay taxes until things change and I know where my money is going and I never did but I still refuse to follow any "law" that restricts my constitutionally protected rights up too and including ALL gun legislation.

  2. They are so greedy that they won't retire . They don't want to leave the money Train . There needs to be term limits and Age Limits . It isn't supposed to be a career .

  3. Questioning Biden's age and health is in his best interest. People need to step up and say something especially considering since he is the POTUS. It doesn't need to be made into a political issue. It should be a health issue. Is he currently healthy enough to be our president? I say no, but for those who disagree, call in the specialists and let's find out.

  4. I'm upset too…these things are obvious. It's that Biden's an idiot, and that's not name calling, he just is. His age just accentuates it, and makes it angrier. Need to crush their cheating at the ballot box, 'cause there's absolutely zero other way they don't get smoked in the '22 and '24 elections. Americans, regardless of party, suffer when trash gets into these positions.

  5. Because they've been cheating this whole time. And idiots keep voting for them. Feinstien having "memory" issues. It's either a show, so she doesn't have to answer questions, or she's just that damn old. I called Hannity today and finally got thru. The lady asked me what my question is. "Why does Sean keep pushing that America should get involved in Ukraine?" She said he wasn't calling for boots on the ground. That wasn't my question. I was on hold for about 20mins, then got disconnected 🤔Think it was on purpose?😂 I'm so tired of all the lies. I have a crappy car radio, and I do like Michael Barry/Berry. Rush Limbaugh has to be yelling from heaven. Those 2 idiots don't deserve his spot!! 🤡 I have to ride in silence cuz I end up cussing at the idiot "conservative" news. Maybe it was an accident, but I'm doubting it. Wussy. Let's Go Brandon 🇺🇲

  6. Grand Old Party. How old are your party leaders?
    It's not just age, it is how well a person ages. Trump is only 4 years younger than Biden but he is in much better shape.
    My grandmother was in better shape than Biden when she was 90. She died at 95

  7. That's kind of funny. Chuck Todd is one of them. They ARE all too old. Trump is too old by their standards, too. For a party that says old white men are evil incarnate, they sure keep electing old white men.

  8. that is scary, all those people should be retired, common they got millions if not 100's of millions of dollars, yet they want to get up everyday just to come to DC to work, what is wrong with this picture, is it power, hell your almost dead, why are you not enjoying everyday with all that money you stole from tax payers, another theory might be, is that they have to stay elected and in power, cause then they would be open to prosecution for all there damm crimes they commit. as long as they stay in gov. they dont face any penalties for their misdeeds, gee the Drinker of the house comes to mind…

  9. I think you'd be ok with a 75 yr old giving you a lift in their car. Couldnt you have thought of a better example to make your point? 75 yrs old isn't time to give up driving for goodness sake!

  10. You do realize that your statement, "I wouldn't trust someone over the age of 75 to give me a lift to the grocery store" tells us that you're an age bigot. There are people in their 70s who drive better than you do, I dare say.
    Be consistent. The leaders of the democrat party were senile in their 30s or they wouldn't be Democrats.

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