Twitter Has Now CENSORED And Locked The Trump Campaign Account, Republicans Subpoena CEO Jack Dorsey

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  1. We the People understand that all the financial corruption escalated and was perfected under the leadership of Bill Clinton, the craftiest and most crooked democrat of all time.

  2. To prevent socialism Tim omg really… liberals are obviously stupid. You can't see that he's trying to sacrifice his wealth to save the country as far more noble than Biden's sacrifice of his son to make money for himself!!

  3. Facebook/Twitter: Welcome to Chinamerica. We are going to show the CCP our censorship capabilities, a prerequisite to enter their market

  4. Tim you are okay to trash the man up against it all because it’s just fair to you? Way to go helping fight the criminals because you don’t like the way Trump speaks…wake up and defend him because he is NOT getting a fair chance and you Tim are complicit in the war on Trump and American freedom. Enough is enough and we need to fight fire with fire…pick a side ??????

  5. I don't believe Sanders is in the same corrupt game that Biden is in. If he was, he'd be the face on account of how many normal people like his ideas. But the democratic party has, time and time again, kept pushing him aside for some other crooked face any time he's gained any traction. I'm not buying his involvement.

  6. Is this satire ?=) Donald Trump wealthy BEFORE he became POTUS and established a tremendously whole new and never seen before very own swamp ??
    Get a vacation outside of the US to watch the last 4 years led by Trump from the outside and get your head and view clear.
    Crooked Lying Donald will stay president because thats how he will keep immunity and not going to jail or at least spending the rest of his life in courts.

    And btw : here in Germany, censorship is a thing that can only be done by states ie governments , while any deleting of comments or locking accounts on the internet is mostly ruled by the even media company's community guidelines.

  7. Criminally illegal, unlisted, donation in kind that vastly exceeds campaign donation limits. That's an easy angle to go at them

    If you want to go the extra mile use RICO laws to indict them for working together to cover up for criminal acts

  8. They are going to subpoena Dorsey and finally explain why there was never censorship for Trump hoax stories but censorship for the one Biden NY Post story. It’s like they fell into a perfect trap. This is a perfect situation to finally define these tech companies as being editors or as free speech platforms. Ha!

  9. Trump doesn't suggest using his properties for governemnt functions as a means to make a profit. It's a matter of him wanting to show off and just the practicality of it. The gov should be able to say "Fine. But you'll do it at half price". Who really cares other than unhinged Leftists? If it's actually against the rules they won't do it. If it's not then shut up.

  10. If big tech was around decades ago, they'd have censored the news that Pearl Harbor was bombed and history may have taken a very evil turn.

  11. U are behind..1. FBI sat on Hunter laptop..his Dad biden evidence he been taking half hunters millions..biden (both) treason, espionage, trafficking, deals w CHINA, Russia
    2. Found on laptop HUNTER torture lil CHINA girls
    3. China released video verified all..
    4. Whistle BLOWER came forward..has evidence BIDEN told & he & hill had seal team 6 killed..they hav reports, recordings pictures
    5. ANOTHER whistleblower came forward has evidence BENGHAZI..Hillary & Obama treason & more..gave 150 billion to Iran..
    6. A man filed papers n COURT 10/1 says he has evidence BIDEN & now wife killed his 1st wife 1972..