Twitter INTERFERED WITH ELECTIONS Previously | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar discuss Elon’s claim that Twitter has previously interfered with elections.

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  1. I knew Elon was playing his Ron de Santis card on Apple when he went on a 1-day surprise rant against Apple and started exposing all of their mischief. Of course he doesn’t want Twitter to be removed from AppStore; but he had to reach Tim Cook first and that’s why he went on this rant. 🤣

  2. Well you know you're far gone when you fail to realize the soft coup that WAS the Obama Administration, and then fell for every lie the media ran, and believe that Trump attempted a coup. If you loved the Obama administration and believed Trump was some evil Russian agent, you might be a dumbass, and you're falling for their projection. THEY implemented a coup and it was long before Jan 6th 2021

  3. Krystal is starting to drive me nuts. I realize it’s hard to have an opinion about so much and not be wrong about some if not a lot of it but she NEVER takes the L. Also a bit annoying is that Saager never pushes her about this either. He comes across as more genuine though.

  4. If Russians actors running some political ads on social media interfered with elections, then Twitter censoring some political speech while highlighting other political speech MOST DEFINITELY interfered with elections.

  5. Considering the current problems with Ukraine, the Hunter-Biden laptop story would seem more relevant than ever. Di d Biden and his family have a hand in getting Ukraine to it's current suicidal position? So security services should not have any involvement with media. They and the powers who control them will presumably have different thoughts.

  6. I love it it's safety is the number one concern 🤣 this is from a guy who during the first wave of covid-19 s demanded workers come back I think it was a couple of hundred shuttle them in two buses-this is what everyone's locked down I and hunters are dying a week-
    Forced to come to work.
    if they didn't ?
    They were fired.
    Iif they thought they had an excuse?
    they wouldn't get unemployment .
    Ok an employees were infected obviously as for the fatality rate I'm not sure but between his little stupid driverless car things that don't work at the cost of taxpayer money killing what 47 people and this stunt and other stuff…
    I live in San Francisco done some events at Twitter and no one's there anymore so but you know there's I heard last night at an event that people were selling their Teslas and buying one guy bought a some kind of new Volkswagen other guy bought an Audi so I mean people are kind of I don't know it is what it is but the guy's not real I don't think he's real safety first with his driverless cars and shit

  7. Funny everyone goes to Hunter laptop as election interference but he says “long time users”, this obviously is referencing the heavily documented interference from Russian troll farms influencing Trumps 2016 win.

  8. I agree with the sentiments on Tim Cook. He absolutely has the soft touch and immediate action intuitiveness of a CEO at his level. I don't think there's anymore that could be said about his prowess.

  9. Musk's Twitter clearly posed a threat in offering a challenging eco system otherwise this meeting never would've happened. As if Apple just wanted to make him feel more comfortable… give me a break

  10. Is "Truth" the domain of centralized experts, or decentralized individuals? We've seen what central planning (lockdowns and mandates) got us the last three years. European authorities are weighing in heavily on the centralized model, but they don't have a 1st amendment. In the case of the Laptop story, it's pretty clear that a voter would find that a development worthy of their attention. Would love to see the exchanges leading up to the election as the story was actively squashed.

  11. Democrats have a virtual monopoly on the distribution of information. They abuse that power by deliberately pushing misinformation. Then they demand those who call them out be censored. If journalism still existed this wouldn’t happen.

  12. Did Twitter intentionally promote the preferred Democrat narrative? Yes. Did they intentionally downplay the GOP position? Yes. Did they censor factual information to benefit Dems? Yes. If that’s not election interference what is?

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