Twitter is Already Changing

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  1. The funny thing the hidden algorithm, this is FB's profit. If you create a business page, when you post nothing will happen unless you spend real money. Create a profile for your business as a private user, you will get interactions with no spending money. Or if you share posts from your business profile in to groups, you will get instant reactions with users who have liked your business profile, but they only see the group share!

  2. 18:00 Actually I think both Carl and Callum are right. I think the reason things are changing rapidly is because A) Hundreds of thousands of conservatives (or even moderates) who have previously given up on the platform knowing their opinions wouldn't fly are now giving the site a chance because they know things are going to be changing drastically. I'd still give it about 6 months before we see the shift that we are expecting because its not as though Elon has the keys to the castle in hand just yet. The entire process needs to be done. AND B) I think Twitter absolutely put a finger on the scales. I think not only were they shadow-banning people but I think they secretly had their own network of bots out there making sure to interact with certain profiles (such as CNN hosts) in order to give them and by extension their opinions a boost. Particularly on the trending tab. And now that this deal happened we are seeing them purge thousands of bots which account for all these follower losses. I really doubt people who are addicted to twitter would just leave it over this announcement before even waiting to see what the site will be like. Most of them probably ENJOY getting into flame wars with conservatives. So I really do think these are mostly bots being purged. They know one way or another, Elon would find out about them otherwise. He may still find out and reveal secrets of Twitter once he takes full control of it.

  3. Can’t wait for the audits to show tampering, and rafts of employees arrested for interfering with the takeover by sabotaging or removing evidence.

    I expect that Elon will spend a significant amount of time on the audit breakdown because the employees have shown to be untrustworthy and spiteful.

    Frankly, they are quite vulnerable as a public operating company, especially because they have been called to hearings and disclosed statements that could be legally entrapped and enforced. It’s not just a loss of restricted shares and reserved dividends, the value exchange is going to be prolonged and difficult if there’s employees who are sabotaging the process as well, and the audit reveals that they obstructed congress willfully and with prejudice.

  4. Carl clearly doesn't understand how Barad-Dur – not the "Dark Tower," would be worse if Gandalf took it over; nor does Aragorn confront the Mouth of Sauron. Very bad analogy.

  5. This has yet to convince me that this isn't anything but a bone being thrown our way. Which will eventually be used to smash our teeth in. We've seen countless 'turning points' like this that have yet to actually do anything but have the powers that be crack down more on us in the long term. Reagan was followed by 90s democrats, Trump was followed by a massive social shift to the left, and this will most likely lead to something equally as annoying. I'm not saying we shouldn't do anything, but it seems blatantly obvious that we are not playing the correct game here.

  6. Does anyone expect us to feel bad for Gadde given what she has done? Oh no, she'll be held accountable for being a corrupt fraudster? How horrible… lmao

  7. Should be jews be allowed to be criticized?

    Bloody oath!
    Same as Islam
    Same as Christianity
    Same as communist
    Same as capitalist

    Everything is allowed to be criticized even if I dont agree with it

    Those are the rules we should strive for!

  8. Appealed my twitter ban that I got for calling out Sajid Javid for making threats against the country. Lets see what happens.
    "I enjoy the block button" – wow, it's almost as if that's the correct response to most stuff on twitter.

  9. The huge influx of new followers to prominent right wingers are “people” that were already following them, but weren’t showing up in their counts, because they’re actually bots. If people are being un-suspended, that could be it too, but there were multiple studies done of Trump’s account that always concluded that more than half his followers were fake accounts and bots.

  10. they highly educated (and indoctrinated) ppl that work at descision making positions in big tech companies follow where the jobs are. They are not local ppl being hired for those positions. Even for jobs like a low level engineer etc (with no major decision making authority at all) ppl often move for those jobs especially for a big tech company that will look good on your resume or good for a long term career there. Moving to Florida will have no impact on the type of ppl working at decision making positions at all. It will help with taxes and regulation. I would imagine that Elon plans to change the companies internal culture and practices but moving to Florida has no impact on that specific issue.

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