Twitter Is MASS HIRING FBI Agents, Intel Officials: Report. But Why?

Senior staff writer at Mintpress News, Alan McLeod, discusses his investigation into Twitter’s recruitment from the U.S. national security state, including the FBI and CIA.

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  1. Great segment….thanks for highlighting this issue of the melding of the technology industry with the federal government. Both sides of the aisle should be furious over this….democracy can’t stand as a technocratic police state.

  2. I deleted my Twitter account when the billionaire Elon Musk got his evil hands on Twitter. It is interesting to me that it took Twitter so long before they deleted paranoid and racist Donald Trump's Twitter account,
    The hypocrisy of democracy.

  3. FBI agents aren't the only people who know how to prevent hacks, the best cyber security isn't being created by FBI agents

    This an excuse to integrate more of government into business

    Like china

  4. I am baffled how most Americans actually believe we still have a democracy (constitutional Republic). We have been an oligarchy for decades and now quickly becoming a corporate fascist state.

  5. Atlantic Council is another globalist group like the WEF and the Club of Rome. Well the upside is thst these people spend their whole day reading truth even if it is to censor it. Eventually, it may even wake them up and have them realize that they too are being played by the people they work for. Edward Bernays principles can be used for good just as much as for bad.

  6. How does this affects on a day to day in my life? I watch the news on over the air broadcast just to see the lies the establishment tell us and see how big the lie is. Then I see some of the videos here to see a reality or closer to what is real. I believe the stories here to be closer to real facts. It is very strange when I tell YouTube on a Roku to play all The Hill videos, it does not play all the videos like it should. Instead it plays a couple of videos then it jumps to other channels in YouTube that I do not like to watch.

  7. Wow I am so excited to see Alan McLeod from MintPress News! What a terrific addition to your roster! Please do more collabs with MintPress

  8. Wow, did this guy real just white wash Suleimani? The man with the blood of tens of thousands on his hands and the driving force behind the insurgency in Iraq, Hezbollah and dozens of Iranian attacks against Jewish targets world wide?

  9. The pay part is not true. An FBI GS 15 makes a 6 figure income for a 40 hour work week and full retirement at 20 years. Twitter could only be getting the dregs unless it is an undercover thing. Maybe but I doubt it? If it isn't they made a dumb career move.

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