Twitter Just Changed Forever

This is the greatest twitter change of All Time
I stream every day

Written by penguinz0


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  1. I actually deleted my Twitter the morning this happened

    I'd rather not go into remission and end up with their version of cancer. I'd rather chemically castrate myself in front of the whole world

  2. How would or could anyone ever be against him trying to make twitter better? Maybe he sees a use case much different from the framework we operate under presently; maybe he’s wrong! It’s a net good for humanity if it improves or implodes, and he has decided to fund this grand experiment. It’s shown us how these deeply rooted zealots on twitter cannot put politics aside to appreciate the faintest hint of innovation. This is a very funny time to be alive, and the people crying amargeddon are even more hilarious than the russiagaters.

  3. Freedom of speech should always be priority. When unjustified restrictions are finally taken away. It’s a win for everyone. Even liberals. Why would anyone be against this?

  4. Honestly I just use Twitter to keep up to date on Yu-Gi-Oh news and game news for games I like. Twitter is only toxic for people touching politics from my experience

  5. Good Twitter is obviously the country’s town square and Twitter worked with the government to silence political opposition. Twitter supported pedos and terrorists on Twitter but, banner anyone that votes republicans it’s disgusting to treat people with different opinions that way the tolerant left isn’t tolerant anymore.The left is the party of silencing and violently attacking anyone that disagrees with them and that’s been shown over and over again. Free speech must be allowed everywhere even if people have dumb ideas combat them with better idea. Silencing and banning people isn’t the answer and never will be but, the left love it they want republicans to wear certain clothes and not be allowed to work. The left are Nazis now unfortunately their more interested in supporting their team no matter how evil it gets.

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