Twitter leaks expose Russian bots sham

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate cover new Twitter leaks demonstrating a coordinated campaign between US intelligence, Democratic Party elites, and their corporate media lackeys to sell the public on the lie that Russian bots had infiltrated social media to influence the results of the 2016 election.

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  1. The popularity of pseudo-scandals seems significant, ie. scandals based on absolutely nothing. US has Russia-gate. UK has Antisemitism 'Crisis.' What's the difference between mass delusion and media delusion and propaganda🤔Delusion always runs into Reality eventually. When it no longer matters

  2. The more we know the less they hold power over us. If Twitter, Facebook and others stop coddling and babying us by suppressing these information and keep us informed of the things that are trying to distort our reality we would be better off for it.

  3. The bots are the ones that are calling truth speakers , Kremlin trolls , trolls , paid by the Kremlin , Kremlin propaganda and all of the other unintelligent non constructive comments , i bet most here have experienced the name calling when truth writing

  4. I would love to see a news segment from The Greyzone on the following issue that is actually very scary.

    US Marine Corps general James Bierman recently made damning statements in an interview with the FT. Youtube won't let me post it here. He stated that the US is preparing for war with China in Japan and Taiwan, following the same recipe that 'worked well' in Ukraine.

  5. i have been saying this since trump won, but got framed as russian disinfo agent everytime… got banned from twitter for this.. you can't imagine how it's sweet to see the truth revealed.

    yes the DNC invented this whome scam because they didn't want people to know that the DNC encouraged the most extremist republican candicates, even funded campaigns in their favor… and got trump elected with their shitty games..

  6. Hillary Clinton cooked up Russiagate to deflect from her irresponsible campaign because she's a narcissist. I cannot stand Donald Trump, but I am so glad that dangerous woman lost, I can't even put it into words.

  7. Honestly, I never understood WTF they were talking about, when they said that Russia meddled in the election.
    How? How did Russia meddle in the election?
    What did they do?
    Why would they meddle in the election?
    When, did they meddle in the election?
    None of those questions were ever answered, and it never made ANY sense!

  8. I usually agree with most things that you say on your channel. What I ask is for you to consider the propaganda aspect before you equate McCarthy with lies. Disinformation via Government and media existed at that time as well as it does now. There were many, many communists in Hollywood then, undeniable. The Senate hearing clip from the McCarthy committee "Have you no shame" could as easily been one of the manipulations and lies made in statements from Pelosi, Schiff, Warren and many others. Look at what was said about the Russia Bots in this segment and how wrong they were. When you said "A McCarthyite lie," you made a good comparison, but perhaps not the one you think you made. What a tragedy it would be if a quote from one of these vile liars was used to mark a pivotal point in history

  9. As Putin said, it was a nonsense for Russia to invest in the USA elections, as no matter who comes to power in the USA, Russians were going to be considered as bad guys anyhow.

  10. Max and Aaron, didn't you guys realize that the guy in the video is a Mark Warner-looks-like Russian guy named Mark Warnerkov, and the video was created by RT collaborated with Putin. Dem party will never lie to anyone as you have seen in Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Clinton, AOC, and so-called Squad.

  11. who is Paul Manfort ???? Trump campaign manager( who has Ukraine and Russia connections big time) Paul Manafort assoviate Konstantin Kilimnik identified as a Russian intel agent worked closely with Paul Manafort–CNBC and this is relation to Kilimnik who reportedly gave Trump inside polling data to Russia?????

    you paint a picture of BLACK AND WHITE🙊🙉🙈 did Trump play into this narrative???????


    I could never fault PUTIN THE DOVE to have an influence on the 2016 election


    look at how ALL THESE POLITICIANS including Trump are caught up in ukraine🙊🙉🙈 our "news media" knew that WW3 on two fronts was on the table in 2020 🙊🙉🙈 when did any "news" outlet let the American people know these INSANE clowns wanted ww3 on 2 fronts🤬

    "i only need 11,000 votes" is part of the Truman Show🙊🙉🙈

    If PUTIN THE DOVE did not try and keep EVIL CLINTON OUT 😃 he would be a failed leader😜

    but then I believe the Angels above had to work overtime keeping the EVIL CLINTON OUT OF POWER⚡🤫

  12. I know that my old Twitter account locked me out because of how often I shared clips & shows from RT combined with the leaked DNC emails, that I shared repeatedly. I opted to just start a new profile and use it strictly for socializing with people…

  13. Aaron can you please talk slower ? And please learn to annunciate ? You've already digested the minutia of details and connected the dots. But the audience (me) may need time to complete that process.

  14. I was commenting about how Russia gate has been endlessly debunked over the past cpl years, and many freaked out and begged me to go read the Mueller report…😂 I sent them this link!! Thanks guys!! 👍

  15. Couldn't concentrate on anything else that was said after "the Senate Intelligence Committee, which answers also to the CIA" 0:51 Because at that point my head exploded 🤯

    We're living in a world now where up is down and down is up!

  16. "We demand evidence Russia interferes in our elections!", they said as they scheduled their attendance at the annual AIPAC conference to pledge their allegiance to a foreign nation's money.

  17. Russiagate: One of the stupidest moral panics that has ever happened, in modern times. No evidence for its existence, no nothin'!
    Not so, says the MSNBC-CNN viewer/personality or online liberal, who's like that last Japanese soldier hiding in the Philippines. Hiding for 30 years after the war. Well that person or persons are offering a rebuke to the uninitiated. They say "THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT PUTIN WANTS YOU TO THINK, you stupid Trumpy! We…were…attacked!!!! waaaaaaaaaa"

  18. It was Hitlery she was doing it by mean of the blackmail read Whitney Webb's books you step out line everything you own gone soon as who treaty goes through we have no constitution. It's over. It over rides it.

  19. I was a complete foaming liberal believer of Russian influence and a conspiracy between Trump and Putin. I read it all. Fckin read Peter Stroks book, Timothy Snyders propaganda, Comeys FBI lacky autobiography, Fusion GPS' BS tale and every op ed on earth.

    Your reporting has single handedly illustrated how preposterous the claims were and how embarrassingly people like me were duped. Thank you so much for your hard work Max and Aaron. Thank you for helping me get off this bullshit ride.

  20. The irony in that Christopher Steel found such profit in all this , yet was “ Martin “ Alexanda Litvinenko’s handler . Just adds further ridicule to the obvious social media discourse that when compared to the onset of such types of speculation back in the day . The days when the right to privacy became something controllable only with money , even though it became so due to bad policy in liable laws . When i look at controversies surrounding social media and terrorisum , you could almost say that this was wherein these politicians and intelligence agencies gathered there inspiration , in so doing just gave momentum to further terrorisum . Mentioning the NZ FB attack to name just one and still quite recent event of such , you only have to look at FB’s policy changes to understand that they new they couldn’t do much and in the end they did more or less just give up , however it “ is “ backfiring on them as well .

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