Twitter Made A HUGE Mistake In Denying Elon Musk…. Major Trouble Brewing For Board & CEO

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Written by TheQuartering

Another social commentary channel but this one the guy has a beard! Let's Talk Games! I talk about issues many of us care about in the gaming industry, comics, and the world at large. Come to hopefully both be entertained & informed about a variety of topics.Thanks for subscribing


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  1. Why didn't all this screaming happen when Bezos bought WaPo, or the Android running Facebook bought millions of votes? Why aren't those men dangerous? In fact, they are

  2. You know that they're corrupt when they rather die like the titanic, in flames and drowning in their own follies, if that means if free speech doesn't have to exist on their platform.
    this is the best Easter present ever to watch Twitter literally cower in fear, trying anything they can so they don't have to have free speech on their platform and literally scramble and probably cry at night knowing that they're going to go down in shambles one way or another
    This is fantastic and I'm here for it.

  3. I'm pretty sure Elon knew this scenario and he's just grinning as he waits to makes his next move while the shareholders gets together and tear apart the board of directors like a pack of wolves.

  4. The goal of Twitter is NOT to make a profit. Their goal and their profit is to promote their woke ideology; as is evident from the tweets of their employees and the assertions of their CEO. If their CEO openly asserts and acts on his assertions to censor conservative ideology, the Board is also agreeing with the stance. Censorship has been a conserted effort amongst various groups. The investors and Twitter users are the LOSERS here. In not too distant future, they will hear the echo of their own voices.

  5. Nothing stopping 3 or 4 people from buying 15 percent each and taking over that way. Then turning around and selling their shares to Elon after board gets the boot. You dont think he knows that many billionaires? There are probably 10 or 20 just at Tesla.

  6. vanguard GROUP. elon is still the majority holder, there is a group holding the 10%. This is a little misrepresentative even if they act like an individual. If any member decided to cash out they could being a holder of a fraction of the 10%.

  7. Elon's got a plan to all this. there is a method to this madness. From the looks of things if we are viewing this as a chess board. he's got multiple pieces in play ready to do multiple plays. Things are about to get VERY interesting.

  8. Elon has already won, they either accept his offer and then he owns twitter and does what he want's with it, or they keep him from getting twitter and then take a massive hit from all their pissed off shareholders and the drop in share value should elon decide twitter isn't worth it anymore. Twitter is FUCKED and i say GOOD they deserve it!

  9. This really show you that half the country has almost no power. The left owns every social media platform, the media, academia. etc etc. Power has absolutely corrupted them to the core. Its beyond ridiculous at this point.

  10. One of the interesting things I noticed about the numbers with this was the similarity. 9.2 was his stake. And then the offer to buy was 54.20. That is another 9.2! My theory is that 9.2 could be 9 and then 2 1s. Which could be code for disclosure from the moat infamous dates

  11. They're a propaganda arm of the left. There's no way they let the platform go before the mid-terms thy will die on this hill, this is why Elon's board position was slated for exactly one year, they need twitter to propagandize during the mid terms.

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