Twitter Obeyed Gov Orders To Censor Critics As “Russian Disinformation” w/Matt Taibbi

In the latest installment of the blockbuster “Twitter Files” release, journalist Matt Taibbi details ways the US State Department sought to label a wide range of critics of United States government policies as promoting “Russian disinformation” and to compel Twitter to ban or otherwise censor these accounts. And guess what – despite some initial hesitation, Twitter essentially went along with it.

Guest host Aaron Maté and Taibbi discuss the internal Twitter discussions that led the social media platform to accede to the demands of a State Department group calling itself the “Global Engagement Center.”

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  1. Jimmy, I love Aaron Maté (and his dad Gabor) but please next time ONLY get comedians to cover for you. PLEASE! I come to watch your show in order to get the news and SOME LAUGHS…and a comedian is the best host for that. Thank you. ❤

  2. Sam Husseini is showing stuff on the current unaddressed shadow-banning by Twitter, I think basically asking that someone from the outside-Taibbi is no longer on the outside, being handpicked by Elon Musk-look at the how and why this is still being effected by Twitter. OK, people are unbanned, but this shadow-banning is keeping down emerging voices, leaving the field to those who are linked to power, like Taibbi is to Elon Musk as practically an employee.

  3. Putin does not respond well to criticism. He gets all agitated and one of his little fingers may just hit for a nuke…..Hope they got that under control. We can't have WW3. It would wipe us all out…….

  4. I honestly quit using Twitter after I got banned ,it was soon after war in Ukraine started…. the azov and nazj weren't even that big topic on youtube, but we had that information in Serbia Day1 literally… I was surprised to find out fee days ago I was unbanned somehow, probably Elon did something that I wasn't aware, lifted all the bans… there are still lies being spread on Twitter and hate against Russians and Serbs is going strong as are propaganda lies.The recent I encountered were lies about Serbs committing crimes in OUR Serbian LAND(I have to add that) with ongoing support from some people in the west as well…propaganda lies are going strong

  5. What we have to know is: Was Twitter just going along with various government agencies, out of simple belief and trust, or was Twitter receiving some explicit form of compensation for going along, or perhaps under threat of legal consequences for not going along? If we cannot find evidence of the latter two possibilities: compensation or threat, carrot or stick, what do we really have here? Just Twitter managers, like so many other mass media companies and their nonprofessional journalism, blindly trusting in information from the government, which is in turn info from the controllers of the government, the plutocratic corplex. There's probably, quite naturally, a bit of political partisanship going on as well, all protected under free speech, with Twitter's owners and managers being biased toward the Democratic party.

  6. People are still being censored and shadow banned on Twitter, in some cases MORE than before the buyout, in some cases even for the first time since BEFORE the buyout. Even the famous Catturd2 has posted about it. It's like the dark twist at the end of The Twilight Zone episodes.

  7. And this is why our border is wide open even though the sniffles are SO dangerous, gasoline is $5.35 a gallon, milk is $4.00 a gallon, 12 eggs are $4.00, and the red sickle and hammer invaded the neighbor next door which never would have happened. But hey, no more mean tweets.

  8. What? They’re not asking for bans based on silly criteria, like it was an honest dumbo mistake due to incompetence. This is malevolence. This was intentional censorship aimed at anyone questioning the official narrative.

  9. You will gone in 1 billion seconds and you waste your time on that crap? And there will be no your mind anymore for infinity. Are you serious? Gather up to solve the task of life increasing human life longevity

  10. Your living in a Fascist state,but you refuse to do anything about it but gripe,why arent organisations taking these people to court and get some jail time for them breaking ammendments otherwise your pissing in the wind.

  11. Still haven't figured it out lads?
    Twitter was in the hands of the Atlantacists (globalists), under Jack Dorcy.
    Now Twitter is under the Natavists (Banking nationalist cartel), under Elon Musk.
    Know your Western factions in the USA.
    Eyes wide shut.

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