Twitter Refuses To Ban Taliban Accounts


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  1. This doesn't surprise me in the slightest.
    Robert Mugabe, dictator of Zimbabwe, also had a verified twitter account, and so does his substitute, Emmerson Mnagagwa, who is also a dictator.

    I think they just like having dictators on their platforms

  2. I forgot about the virtues of sleep deprivation, and I probably will forget again later. Right now it works, and I remember why. I feel like cooking for once, and being hungry isn't debilitating to my ability to regulate my emotions. I'm going to skillet some leftover steak with fresh cut taters and onion 🧅 🥔 🥩 🐒

  3. there has been an alarming rate if negotiation between the taliban and people on twitter negotiating lives to be spared even though they are a terrorist force you cant deny that giving them a platform TO NEGOTIATE is a good idea the only thing any of you fuckers did is call some black guy the n word, got banned and then went off on the whole "muh free speech" thing maybe instead of being so fucking blind to the possibility of negotiation you would've seen that theyre on there for a reason. i've also seen hundreds of comments saying "duuuuuh former president not allowed duuuuh" is incredible because all of you dumbasses are constantly defending big tech in your arguments

  4. well the real reason is because Silicon Valley is deeply interconnected with the CIA and Big Pharma, and they need to maintain good relations with the Taliban so that they might be able to cry and beg for a little bit more opium

  5. Just the amount of defence talibs are getting from many media houses and twitter shows that we have terror sympathisers/apologists right next to us, eating tax money we pay only to use it against us. And talking about this/pointing fingers become far-right/fascist/politically incorrect. Hell World.

  6. Twitter's 'top priority' is to spread false narratives and promote fake wokeness. Fucking shit should be shut down, nothing good has come of it.
    I'm not a fan of Trump… BUT banning the (ex)President and kicking him off Twitter is a clear and present threat to free speech, so it's hypocritical to allow that to happen while militant groups with a dangerous message are allowed to spread hate on the platform for impressionable minds to drink in.

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