Twitter Rolls Out the Red Carpet for the Taliban

I bet you’d be banned for shouting insults on their posts tho:


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  1. 100,000 out of 5,000,000,000 (since twitter has global reach) amounts to 0.002%…and Styx says 100k twitter followers is significant?! If you say so! I'M not much impressed with the proportion; I'd consider it insignificant, in the aggregate. I'm sure it's an impressive figure in a small enough context, or "bubble". 100,000 out of 200,000,000 twitter users amounts to 0.05%, so I assume that's the proportion Styx is referencing. 0.04% of the world's population uses twitter (i.e. 200 million/5 billion). I find the 0.05 <=> 0.04 comparison provocative: about the same proportion of the twitteratti followed as the global population that uses twitter…always on the lookout for patterns…

  2. The members of the Taliban don't look intimidating at all. They look like poor farmers and goat shepherds. They look like economically marginalized victims, not violent warmongers. They seem as if they're acting in self-defense. I don't know anything about the Middle East though. But they certainly don't look as threatening as the media portrays them.

  3. test post …i dont know this dorcy clown , but he seems like 1 of those delusional people who doesn't understand that he cant hate America enough for the tali's to 'not' kill him also

  4. It is not the US's job to go waste lives and money in other people's countries.
    We should spend our time and resources solving our own problems.
    We seem to only invade countries that have something our pirate rulers want, like, opium, oil, minerals, labor, etc.

    Our streets are full of homeless and many of them are vets. Many homeless are victims of the very drugs we import and of course many are blinded by alcohol. Our kids and adults are obese, many Americans suffer from chronic illnesses. Since we are too lazy to mow and clean we import folks of different cultures. We can't resist cheap foreign products or Krispy Kreme but wonder why our manufacturing base has collapsed and why we are fat pigs.

  5. Great news everyone. Cancel culture is ended!!!! Need to speak about women's rights? No problem! We'll just film you with an RPK in your choice of 7.62×39 or 5.45×39! Hate gays? You're a winner! Which AK74SU do you prefer? The 7.62×39 or the 5.45×39 variant? Hey, your body your choice.

  6. One of the most dangerous things with the internet is… combined with "democracy" any extremist group can spread their ideology "more moderate", collecting "followers" and getting "much less moderate" step by step, maybe over years. This is how a lot of followers don't realizy they got extremists too. I think this can lead to big problems worldwide in inner and outer policy.
    Btw this isn't fantasy. The basics have been shown by Trump. He got enough people changed to extremist thoughts fantasizing about "reorganizing the corrupt state". If you every day get told there are enemies around you proven by lies… a lot of people once will believe this. There are laying dark times in the future if there will not be found a solution.

  7. Jack knows if he bans the Taliban it won't go very well for him, they fight and take no crap. Problem is people who support freedom have matured beyond barbarism and hence are easy targets to bullys like the far lefters.

  8. Styx, i subscribed and i enjoy your channel, but :

    i wouldn't fire on twitter, the LAST free speech plateform (even if some accounts are rarely deleted)…

    …when you stay on youLube just because you use full censorship.

  9. I’ve never used Twatter. I’d like to meet Jackoff Dorsey in an alleyway. All he needs to bring is knee pads, I’d bring the back of my hand. Same with Suckerturd.

  10. You know you're on the right side when the side opposing you kicks off Trump for telling protesters to be peaceful and the other side is promoting real violence. Jackoff Doorsee should be arrested.

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