Twitter “Shadow Banning” Is REAL! – Twitter Files Vol. 2

We’re now on to Round 2 of the so-called “Twitter Files” info dump and in this episode former New York Times opinion writer Bari Weiss revealed how a secret group at the social media platform made decisions about shadow banning and otherwise “controlling visibility” of certain unfavored – typically right-wing – accounts. The evidence suggests the company outright lied to users and the public when claiming such censorship wasn’t taking place.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the outright duplicity coming from Twitter executives.

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  1. There is an account that I follow on twitter that I often have to search for because even though they post regularly and I interact with them regularly, the algorithm rarely places them in my feed. They have a pinned tweet that I like every single time I go to their feed because it’s constantly removed. I’ve had to have liked that tweet a hundred times by now. When I then go to my own profile and tap “replies and likes”, that post never shows up. That was all the evidence I needed to know shadowbanning was real. It’s still the case, so Elon has work to do yet.

  2. Sorry Jimmy but you can't scream for government controlled health care and be the "anti-establishmrnt left." That is literally giving the establishment TOTAL control. Did you sleep through the lock downs, mandates and passports?

    Think man. I'm begging you.

  3. All the MSM does this and they don't let you have true pseudo- anonymous commenting. Same for the BlackRock and Vanguard financed big spy on the citizenry tech. They always require hard identity information somewhere in their registration processes. No anonymity, no freedom.

  4. Ah, Jimmy missed one of the most interesting tools in that admin list…the last one, Batch Action Tool…WTF is that for, mass shadow banning? it must be some kind of label search tool so they can "Adjust" trends, messages, ect. in batches…because when you think about it, there's no way that actual people are going through messages individually, I'm sure there is a back-end search engine to help them paint with a broad brush…we know YT has automated this process and has a keyword list for comments, and they will immediately auto-delete your comment if it reaches a certain threshold…

  5. Let's not miss an opportunity for a learning moment. There are 3 books everyone should read: 1) They Thought They Were Free by M. Mayer; 2) Ordinary Men by C.R. Browning and 3) How Do You Kill 11 Million People by A. Andrews. All 3 show similarities between US and Nazi Germany and is relevant to these Twitter revelations.

  6. So basically they just playing on words. It's not Shadow Banning it's Visibility filtering. So as long as you keep using new synonymous you're fine. That is such bullshit.

  7. So I think Jimmy Dore is a whack job. Now does he have an obligation to put me on his show? Nope,
    It's his show , he has no obligation too me .
    Twitter can ban people, moderate views. Just like YouTube does.
    Do you know why? Because they are private companies. Freedom of speech is covered in the constitution. The constitution limits the restrictions that government can put on free speech.
    Elon Musk can do the exact same thing .
    You people are confused on your rights under the first amendment.

  8. YouTube has been shadow Banning me since February 2011…I am the only person in the world, who has been explaining how healthy Americans have been medically kidnapped (via mechanical hyperventilation), then medically murdered (via organ$ harvesting and/or Morphine overdose).

  9. Jimmy, after everything you've learned, im surprised you're still for the left and not independent or libertarian. I was never far right but I find myself becoming independent. I can't stand either party anymore. Their all in bed together and we get screwed, without even a kiss 💋

  10. And all these folks telling everyone about the shadow banning as it was happening were labeled conspiracy theorists and nut jobs. Same as the folks discussing the Wuhan lab leak. You know you're over the target when the irrational attacks and pearl clutching begins.

  11. Thanks for showing people this important information. I think companies want to be less transparent these days and hide shady policies and ideas in fear of public opinions they can't control. These days businesses care a lot about positive optics. It's okay to have unfavorable ideas or practices as long as you hide it is the attitude I feel like exists. Money must be good if surpresing free speech is no big deal.

  12. There's only so much bandwidth a user can consume – so room has to be made on their stream for paid promotions; so political interference allows Twitter to throttle down signals and pump paid messaging — all at the expense of people who get 'soft-exiled.'

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