Twitter Shows No Empathy For Dutch Farmers

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Written by Romanian TVee


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  1. Of course Twitter don't show empathy at all. For them, who mainly lives in cities, food magically appear on the shelves.
    If all farms would disappear, food would still appear thanks to the Progressive Fairies.

  2. it's not a conspiracy if they tell you exactly what they are doing.

    they write many books about it.. (i own one of them) they have a yearly two week convention about it.

    many world leaders can be seen attending Klauses talks. including biden, xie xi ping and treudo.
    but it's all a conspiracy theory.

  3. People like this, those who want to reset the economy with the highest fatality rate that deviates any blame and responsibility on them.

    Imagine these politicians being unable to get food like everyone else. There's a way to achieve that.

  4. Crucial point; the Dutch nitrogen "crisis" is not one where "nature will be destroyed if we don't do something now", but one of "the EU has decided that the crappy soil in the Netherlands, from being a Sea not long ago on the grand earthly scale of things, and the crappy brown plants adapted to living on crappy low quality soil is the standard that must be maintained". Everything will turn more green if we let the "crisis" unfold.

    I'll go as far as saying as that they are the actual climate change deniers; they've chosen some random point in time 40 years ago, and everything, the plants, the animals, the nitrogen levels in the soil, must stay exactly like that. Explain this to me.

  5. Here we go again. Turn of the century communism all over again. Hey lets just give it another shot what do tens of millions of starving people really cost I mean cmon guys. We're saving the planet! Who cares if peoples lives are ruined! Fuck Farmers and their farting cows I wanna eat bugs like a good little boy! 😉

  6. Arent twitter liberal/far lefties actual marxists/communists of who would you expect to support workers, especially farmers? I guess commies/marxists have to be one of most hypocritical ideological groups ever lol

  7. You hit the nail on the head Vee. How dare these peasants not starve peacefully.

    It's like those in power and their lap dogs lack any common sense or reasoning.

  8. EU says they want to help you while they force famer not to grow food in a global food shortage!
    Want to help my hairy pale Aris, they want people to starve or worse!
    Always feel good to be proven strung as a Limey old blighty of these Isles.
    I am ever so glad we left, know all we need is to boot the quislings out of parliament & the civil service. We need 1 Prime minister that isn't a globalist in disguise, Fvck Boris.
    Glad I never voted for him & spoiled my ballet!

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