Twitter SILENCES Dr. Robert Malone After Joe Rogan Appearance

Dr. Robert Malone, immunologist and developer of the technology powering the mRNA vaccines, has been banned from Twitter following his appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast. Dr. Malone has been a vocal opponent of the government handling of the coronavirus pandemic and vaccine protocols, and now it appears he has become a sufficient threat to elite interests that social media outlets are beginning to crack down on him at the establishment’s behest.

Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this latest act of social media censorship.

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  1. Love this channel! But have to disagree with Jimmy thinking those that want Facebook or Twitter to be able to do what they want as "Right Wing". Makes no sense as both organizations support nothing but Far Left propaganda and politics while censoring nearly all Right.

    Proof is always in who benefits. Follow the $$$$…

  2. As much as I hate the gov getting involved, it needs to do something about these companies. It's not "a private company" thing when it affects elections, private citizens, etc. The gov can't tell them how to run their business, how to invest money, who to hire, etc, but if you decide to run a public platform, it must be open to the public, and the public must adhere to the countries laws. Break them, ok, banned, and a DA can press charges. If not guilty, reinstated. Period. End of story. You don't get to decide to run a public platform, then choose what private citizens get to publish without the citizens having recourse. Period. End of story, beeyatch! Lol
    And oh the irony that we now have to count on the Republicans to do it. I tell ya, from when I was 10 years old enjoying Mortal Kombat on my Sega and watching people think I'm stupid and don't know it's a video game arguing in congress…Let's just say I find it funny how what party stands for what and how drastically things have shifted from age 10 to 38. Not even near a full lifetime.

  3. Not surprised really.. rogan is a shill anyways.. its him that should be banned from platforms along with alex jones.. mixing in the lies with the truths doesn't make truths, just discredits the alt media and gets ppl classed as conspiracy theorists. If their yt channel gets so many views in a short time and its against the pharma narrative then it usually dont get to stay long.
    I rest my case

  4. When my cardiologist suggested I get the vaccine because it would reduce my chance of dying from 60% to less than 5% it was a no- brainer to me. That was a year ago. If people are still unaware it is the gooberments fault for not being clear about PUBLIC HEALTH

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