TWITTER Was The One Lying About Covid And Smearing Truth-Tellers!

The latest release in the so-called “Twitter Files” information dump has revealed the incredibly close relationship between the United States government and the social media platform as the two worked together (at the government’s insistence) to censor not just misinformation about COVID but also pretty much any information that conflicted with the official state narrative, true or not. Among the many Twitter users to get caught up in this public-private web was Martin Kulldorff, a former professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Jimmy and Revolutionary Black Network’s Nick Cruse discuss all the ways the government and Twitter conspired to censor users who diverged from the party line on COVID.

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  1. Goddamn Jimmy why don’t you have a few less communists on your show and a few more normal fucking people. I like your message for the most part, but sometimes you missed the point entirely and go completely off the rails and call for idiotic things to happen.

  2. Jimmy, all social media has shown is there are a HUGE number of ignorant, useful idiots shooting their mouth's off from behind a keyboard. There's also a very high number of so-called "adults" who whine like 5-year-olds at the pettiest of things. Embarassing, really… Really shows how dumb this country has become.

  3. These twitter files are just the files they forgot to delete. It doesn't cover the things they hid, destroyed, or just did face to face or over the phone.
    You can bet this happened equally at Facebook, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC, and CNN.

  4. @19:45 "We should nationalize big pharma." What is it with you people? You decry the vaccine mandates that force workers out of work, but then you say "let's nationalize healthcare," so that the insane lefties in government will have absolute power over our bodies. What will you do then?

  5. There’s still a dislike button on YouTube Jimmy. I’ve even used it on a few of your videos. Do you know your own biases? Not to worry, we can tell and will use the dislike button to tell you.

  6. NO. NO. NOOOO. Wrong Jimmy. You can't say that COVID isn't the leading cause of death in children because we don't like that idea! It doesn't matter if it's accurate or not. You're being irresponsible ok? So just say it's the worst threat to humanity and stop with this crusade against inaccuracy.

  7. These psychopaths are coming for our children next… Remember "Event 201" where they basically laid out their entire Covid plan ahead of the pandemic? Well they're at it again. This time it's called "Catastophic Contagion, a Global Challenge Exercise" and it's about a contagion that's worse than Covid and kills children and babies! Everyone needs to know about this… maybe this time we can stop them!?

  8. I’m not surprised at all that filipinos were involved in censorship. Fully 80% of the population approved of their semi-dictator Duterte for killing people on the street where they stood during his drug war. He kept this percentage when he left office after killing up to 12000 people without trial. I am not certain it is true that it is reported online the average filipino has something like an 86 IQ score. Its the lowest in Asia

  9. As I posted in another of Jimmy's videos, "Long covid"? These are the symptoms of 'Long Trump Derangement Syndrome'. This blind adherence to the party line when caught openly spreading falsehoods is conditioned behavior caused by relentlessly demonizing Trump–the opposite of whatever Trump would or did say is what to go with–such that our societal culture has been either blessed or cursed, based on one's position on truth as personified in Trump.

  10. I'm so glad that don't have kids. Makes it easy to sit back and watch the world burn. I've adopted the Carlin position, as just a curious spectator.
    Wow! I wrote that before Jimmy said much the same thing about Carlin! lol

  11. This is infuriating!! The fact this information is not covered by the MSM is extremely scary! We need a full clean out of our political system. Our government is totally against the people they are supposed to be serving!!

  12. Yeah and another big tragedy is the division this caused in families and groups of friends. I got reemed by my cousin and it was the classic university grad. with degree in humanities telling the dumb blue collar worked how I was supporting Trump (somehow) by questioning Fauci and Pfizer and yes I couldn't even point out things like the huge criminal record Pfizer has…that would trigger smirks and knowing looks.

  13. just how Jimmy hates it when they label something the american left, the same goes for when they label something or someone right wing. U never hear the word wing added to the left. Wing for some reason implies the “far” right

  14. this isnt just Big Pharma at play, its the New World Order. Covid was obviously a psy-op to see just how much a global singular government could control the masses of sheep, how much freedoms the sheep would give up, how little resistance would come from the sane ppl, how much they could get away with.

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