Twitter, YouTube CENSOR Joe Rogan Guest on Vaccines | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar comment on the decision by tech giants to censor the interview between Joe Rogan and Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology

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  1. Ummm, Dr Malone isn't anti-vax. He is disgusted with the process that led us to where we are today.
    He's against pushing it on the healthy and especially the kids, (Who are in fact the most resilient against CV) and criticizes the efforts to quash therapeutics as another form/weapon to be used in this battle. (Reminiscent of the way Fauci bungled the 80's HIV epidemic)

  2. Derek Thomson's charts are interesting but only because they claim to be comparing data but have vastly different data points. Zoom in if you can! The top chart is "greater than or equal to 18 years old (does this include the 65+ crowd? See below) January – November 2021" with each line on the y axis representing 10 hospitalizations (topping out at 80) and the x axis is the timeline. The second chart is aged 65+ (already represented above?) January – November 2021. The x and y axis represent the same things as before, except this time each line in the y axis represents 50 hospitalizations with the top being 250. The last chart is for ages 12 -17, from… for some reason… June – November, and each line on the y axis represents 1 hospitalization with the highest being 4. So, while each chart does show the va× protected against hospitalizations, it appears that the chart data was manipulated to make it appear as though the young and old are experiencing a similar pattern of hospitalization. I'd like to see a chart that specifies the 18-64 age group without the 65+ crowd corrupting the numbers. Clever.

  3. Listened to the whole podcast. Dr.Malone definitely said vaccines work BUT is losing its effectiveness because it’s temporary. He emphasized the negative effects because of the lack of coverage on the matter. Krystal definitely had selective hearing on the podcast

  4. The arrogance is incredible.. this is a spot on example of the mass psychosis he was referring to. They are discrediting a guy who helped create the experimental jab that they are defending! Wake the hell up…

  5. I swear Krystal is on this show just so main stream media don’t label them “alt right” I mean there’s no way she believes half the things she says…. How would Medicare for all stop big pharma from manipulating trials? Why are you dancing around the problem????

  6. I actually watched that and Krystal is completely misrepresenting the facts. That Dr did not come off as irresponsible nor anti-vaxx (he actually develops vaccines and is himself vaccinated). Breaking Point is going to find itself at a breaking point with its viewers if they keep up this mainstream media-type of podcast podcasting. 🙄

  7. Krystal totally missing the point, i wonder if by coincidence her bank balances grows exponentially over the next 12 months… unsub. this show got mainstreamed real quick

  8. OK. Let me get this straight. The US pharmaceutical industry lies and cheats but, according to Crystal, you HAVE to trust the graphs they produce. That's how broken the brains are.

  9. Speaking of cherry picking….

    When it comes to vaccines, Krystal, especially, sounds like anyone else who is speaking on mainstream.

    It's obvious neither Saagar or Krystal have followed Dr. Malone much. He has said over and over again certain people in the population should take the vaccine, especially those with multiple comorbidities….

    The cognitive dissonance around vaccines is so strong, they can literally talk about how bad pharma is, how they KEEP people sick, but just can't make the connection, maybe, that JUST MAYBE the vaccine might not be what it's cracked up to be…

    It's unfortunate that anyone who questions or has concerns about vaccines automatically get labeled "anti-vax". It's almost comical at this point.

    Anyway, yeah, when it comes to the vaccine, this just sounds and feels like I could be seeing it on CNN.

    Of course he shouldn't be censored. And of course Big Pharma has too much power.

    Krystal's ego is put of control to think she knows better than an expert in his field….

    Once again, the cognitive dissonance is real!

  10. Malone is a huge grifter. Goes against the scientific and medical consensus on vaccines just to get a platform, because plenty of people will eat it up. He's getting big $$$ by going against the grain. I doubt he believes it himself, it's just a huge cash cow.

  11. Saagar and Krystal did it again. They brought the censorship to the forefront then ramble on about their own ideological arguments to what they believe are the thoughts and motives of Dr. Malone. The story is the censorship, stick to it and less of your own liberal ideology.

  12. JFC Krystal. He's right about them censoring him because he's right about everything else he's been saying because he's a freaking genius. You're a cute well spoken journalist. Hmmm, care to tell him what evidence he's ignoring?

  13. I don’t know if this guy is crazy or not but I will say I heard more sources, studies and data quoted about the vaccines in this 3 hour interview than I have seen from the CDC in a year.

  14. If she listened to the whole Rogan podcast and her take away was he was a bad actor because he didn't have anything positive to say about vaccines, I'm a little concerned about the cynical trajectory of this channel

  15. From someone who's worked in clinical trials for 19 years:
    What's irresponsible is not to provide full information of the risks of these products, which are many, and serious. And often irreversible.

    All of them available in the US are STILL investigational. Cominarty is NOT available (even if it were, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole). People are being very casual about putting these very new and not-well-known products into their and their children's bodies, and then dissing anyone who tries to protect and inform them of the dangers.

  16. Why were anti vaxxers allowed to talk on tv and YouTube all the time without punishment, then all of a sudden people that are against jus the covid vaccine are getting nuked off the internet? I don't get it

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