Twitter’s Censorship Exposed: Anti-Science, Opaque and Petty

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  1. I spray it up my nose after I'm out and about it burns but I haven't gotten sick again in 18 months. I had to do all my own research but at least you can get unlike ivermectin

  2. The shadowbn "feature" is so unbelievably sinister. Who knows to what extent it's in service and how many are impacted but I suspect we're all in some sort of gulag to some extent, just depends how restrictive that gulag might be I guess – all receiving affirmation of our thoughts but rarely reaching out beyond to those who disagree for a healthy discourse. When you consider its implications for society, it's hard enough for those who know about it, for those who are blissfully unaware its insidious nature will have so many locked in their own echo-chambers without even realising. Stating the rather obvious but conceptualise that same environment and process in leading up to a democratic election and you can [in theory] pretty much leverage the outcome. Not only is this detrimental to a functioning society but in a democracy surely this interference is illegal? Problem being, let alone the wider public, but most our elected individuals don't know any of the intricacies of the digital world, they're naive to this technology so are all being led around like headless chicken.

  3. Did not have " the TEA". Never will inject their " TEA".
    We are not running out of coal. We need to get started burning coal,fossil fuels and nuclear power.
    In Denmark EU has payed for that our forrest no longer can deliver wood. They stop cutting trees in 2027. Then it is over. They are pushing hard for no one to use wood for home. They want us on LNG.

  4. Twitter is clearly a abhorrent embarassment in the tech era. They censored experts and free opinion to force a narrative that every day continues to be proven as false. I honestly dont know why Elon Musk is bothering with such a dumpster fire. He'd be better off creating an alternative platform and then taking pleasure in seeing this Twitter abortion of a platform drown in a sea of its own bullshit.

  5. I like Chris and have even meet him at a function years ago. … would like to do the Peak Prosperity thing but the cost is prohibited when you are preparing on a limited budget.
    An interactive community, which I have been told Peak Prosperity is …. Is a valuable resource.
    I am sure there are many more people who have good ideas and information that would like to interact within a common sense community. Numbers matter……..

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