Twitter’s Precrime Division

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  1. Let's be clear: most Americans are NOT on Twitter. So all of this Twitter drama is completely meaningless to the vast bulk of America. Even according to Twitter's make believe numbers, less than 20% of Americans have a Twitter account. Personally…..I don't know a single person in my social circle who uses Twitter. Not. One. I bet if there was a credible survey of social media use, you'd see a huge disparity between Right and Left leaning voters. The people on the Right have basically…..disappeared from social media. I see this on my Facebook feed every day. The only people left posting are the Lefties, everyone else is either keeping their head down or has abandoned completely. Because of this those people on the Left have a completely skewed view of how popular their opinions and politics are. I live in a State that (even in a fortified election) voted Trump and has elected a GOP Governor and Legislature for the last two decades+). And these people STILL think they are the majority. It's frankly hilarious to watch the cognitive dissonance when they continually lose.

  2. Humans aren't in general intelligent enough to use social media , or infact conflict resolution with language as unintelligible people which is most of you are wired for creating conflict and violence and aggression.

  3. This goes toward my theory that the Democrats might actually just cheat, and not even try to hide it. My theory is they want to cheat as brazenly and openly as possible to goad the 10% of people who might actually resist them into an open conflict and then using the military (who are all brain dead fools who will do whatever they're told) into wiping them out.

  4. Twitter is saying that because they are worldwide, there's always an election going on somewhere. I wonder if the CIA knows that about Twitter. We could really do a lot to promote peace and love throughout the world if we controlled what people see on the Twitter feeds. Why isn't anyone at the CIA talking about this?

  5. I've been banned for life by Twitter for daring to point out their hypocrisy and outright misleading information regarding Biden jnrs laptop !! I was accused of hate speech haha…..

  6. It really is a shame that Elon punked out on buying twitter because he didn’t want to become the medias next whipping boy. That would have been really good for us to have Twitter as a politically neutral platform, evidence by how desperate they are to shut people up. Propaganda and censorship works. That’s why they were flipping out about the idea of no longer being able to control the conversation. 4-D chess my arse…

  7. You keep trying to point out the gotchas of how leftists are breaking all these rules, but leftists don't care about morals or standards beyond gaining more power. Twitter can make all the rules it wants but will only enforce them against the non-woke.

  8. Translation: we already know the democrats are going to lie, cheat, and use every dirty trick they have ever created so we are preemptively placing more protection for the narrative they want us to push so no one can disagree later.

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