Twitter’s Suppression Makes Article Go VIRAL w/Max Blumenthal

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  1. The thing I don’t understand is why people don’t stop using Twitter ……if an app or a platform that is designed for people to communicate their ideas and they are censoring people …. stop using the platform, fucking easy !!! Then the corporations will learn their lesson.

  2. They did this exact same shit to Trump and helped swing the election. Who fucking cares how it was obtained, is it true? How the fuck is this not election interference?

  3. If you cannot see that Our country is eroding at the foundation, you’re blind. Eradicate all social media platforms and purge legacy media otherwise we are ALL screwed

  4. Crowder got a tweet shut down because he looked up fake voter addresses. Because Twitter couldn't confirm it, they flagged it lol. If it's something you like, it's whistleblowing. If it's something you don't want out and don't like, it's dubious because it might be hacked. when they leaked out Trump's stuff, that wasn't a hack?

  5. They know EXACTLY what they are doing. Our greatest enemies run our corporations and governments. Especially in the tech sector and intelligence agencies.

  6. The real answer is that everyone is losing the narratives and it's all going to hell.

    Buckle up, things get really rough and ugly from here on out.

  7. Let me get this straight; Information about myself is NOT my property because various corporations have compiled it and claimed it as intellectual property. Information compiled by my government is not my property either. To what information do regular people have a right to lay claim? None, I guess.

  8. If the US of A had a functioning judiciary system, this would have been resolved years and years ago.

    THere is no doubt that Twitter, Youtube, etc. and etc. run public fora (not a utility) but a forum for dialogue (that's their only purpose–to allow discourse). As a result, under us law they may not discriminate based upon content, ergo censor speech, nor even attach labels or roadblocks to content.

    If they have a problem with that then either quit your post or call the feds if you think criminal activity is occurring or about to occur. Just remember policing is not your function neither, and it makes no difference in the world, or under US law, that private citizens, nay, corporations would claim in their defense to be a private club and then have rights to do what they want because it's theirs (what a bunch of babies). As I've said, and so will any reasonable person say, these tech companies which opened up these fora, their sole purpose to exist, is to provide a public forum (look it up if you don't know what that is), not get into bed with the gov't to make bank for surveiling its users or worse.

    Depose the USSC and install a People's Tribunal if they don't act or act against the People's right to free speech.
    Let's give them six months.

  9. You might notice that RT News has a little 'Russian State Affiliated Media' tag on twitter, but for some reason the BBC does not have a little header pointing out that it is literally government backed media. Huh.