Twitter’s Thermonuclear Musk MELTDOWN – A Rant

You love to see it.




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Written by The Rageaholic

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  1. The hero worship for musk is weird. My jollies jingle as much as anyone's when the comeuppance comes a pace for shit heels like twitter. That schadenfreude is nice. But I don't understand where people are getting the idea that musk is some kind of hero of the people. He's doing it because he can make more money, and yes probably also to troll the people who work there who have been giving him shit for a few years. Hell, what evidence do we have that he's even a particularly moral man? Maybe I'm weird, but I while I like to see the spider get the mosquito, I don't think he's doing it for my benefit.

  2. Talcum X (Shaun King) deactivating didn't even last 24 hours. His account is back now.

    These people are too addicted to social media and perceived clout they gain from it to have the spine to stick to their words/actions. They're too lazy to switch over to (slightly) higher effort platforms like Instagram and Tiktok.

  3. The democrats and the left are now definitional fascist. They contract out the mega corporations to do their dirty work. Government and corporations working together to destroy the people. That’s not communism. Communism they just take over the company

  4. Fuck you, you were wrong! Fuck you, you were wrong! Fuck you, you were wrong!
    Jokes aside, I really wish Musk changes the platform, heck, it was already skydiving into it's down so I guess the only way is up?

  5. Here's the thing, people keep saying that making another platform to compete with Twitter is the answer but that won't work. Twitter was around for too long and has a strong foothold. The platform works it's just. . . .unfortunately riddled with biased left wing maniacs. It transformed into a leftist echo chamber because Republicans couldn't see or understand the power behind social media but the Democrats did. This is why Trump should have just waited instead of trying to make a competitor to Twitter, Truth Social is doomed to suffer the same fate as Parlor, Gab and every other Twitter alternative. No one wants to leave Twitter and start over because for years they have established themselves with thousands possibly millions of followers. From celebrities to Vtubers and Athletes they all have an audience already there. It's the easiest and quickest way for them to reach their followers. If they leave and start a new account on a different platform they are going to lose followers as everyone won't want to switch over.

    The platform is still useful so no one sees a reason to leave and this is why every other alternative fails. If Trump had waited he could have come back to Twitter and the reason he won't is because he's already invested money into his Truth Social so now he's forced to ensure it's success or it's money he throwing away. Honestly I don't think much will change on Twitter, these lefty mongoloids are panicking over nothing. What will honestly happen is for a short time we may see some unbiased policies or a slight retreat on the insane wokeness of it but slowly and surely it'll come back. Elon just wants Twitter to make him money and he's a busy man, I really don't see him investing alot of his time to ensure that Twitter will be a truly free speech platform.

  6. Ultimately, this will probably be little more than a business venture. We are basically living in the sequel to the hyper monopolized 1920's after all.

    Regardless, the sheer implications of allowing free speech and the fact it has caused such an uproar should tell anyone with half a brain cell where we're at. I'm living for the meltdowns alone 😂

  7. You know …. im considering making a twitter account just to enjoy the pure Schadenfreude on this nuclear winter of butt-hurt.

    I wanna see how brain-damaged their collective hivemind become.

  8. I think my favorite thing has been seeing folks be ass mad that he spent money on twitter not try to fix world hunger, ive been throwing that should be mad jeff Bezos or Soros for not trying to fix world hunger. This has been a lot of fun.

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