Twitter’s Vijaya Gadde Exposed Colluding With Government To Censor, ELON HAS THE EVIDENCE

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  1. Have any of these guys read what the constitution says about our money supply?!? It says that congress will coin our money and set the weights and balances with gold and silver. The solution is simple. Dissolve the Federal Reserserve and return to the constitution and the gold standard, which is an asset backed currency called U.S. Bank Notes. Problem solved. It's not rocket science. Our founders solved this problem from the jump! It got hi-jacked with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. There was NO constitutional convention to amend our constitution to change our monetary system. Just recognize that the Federal Reserve Act was outside the scope of congress's authority and shut it down. Confiscate the gold back from the globalist bankers who took control of it when they screwed us with their central banking scheme.

  2. Great.. but yeah.. be honest , countries like Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Are sitting around saying damn , them people are bitches. They have all this proof of corruption and yet all 370 million of them do absolutely nothing

  3. Having the white house and Senate and Congress can be different this time. In 2016 we weren't ready to capitalize and weren't rehearsed in our strategy's. This time we know we can and should go for broke and be aggressive about the conservative reinstitution. We should make it all so fortified that we guarantee another 200+ years of American rights and equitable tradition's.

  4. Nothing is going to be different if the Republican voters don't take to the streets and tell them what to do and stand behind them when the left attakes them for doing it.
    This is what happens every time. Even when the Tea party was so strong as soon as the election was over everyone went home.
    It's your responsibility to help them. If you don't all they hear is the left. Why fight for you if you won't fight for yourself.

  5. most people dont seem to give a crap that the government did that. that is a major fascist tactic and is a directs infringement on freedom of speech. its crazy to me that liberals have been calling trump and maga republicans fascists this whole time, all the while they are supporting the people that are actually fascist. they have been censoring and persecuting opposition with giant corporations, mainstream media, and government agencies for their political benefit. i mean this is nuts. and what is crazy is most of those same liberals will keep supporting democrats and biden. it is kind of scary actually

  6. There's no accountability in government or high finance in the US and pretty much anywhere else in the world. Why should there be a "media infrastructure that is held accountable" then? The JPMorgan Chase representative that said that is complete scum.

  7. Abolishing the central bank would be the greatest thing a real leader can do. Sadly, no "leader" has the guts to do this. Anyone that does gets sidelined.

  8. I work for the California Secretary of State and they admitted in a meeting that they consult with social media companies to remove “disinfirmation” about the California elections. How is that not government censorship? They used the example that somebody posted fake information about ballot drop boxes. I STILL don’t think they should be colluding with big tech to monitor what people say. It needs to be up to people to do their own research on whether something is true or not.

  9. i remember when elon first appeared, i didn't really trust him, and tbh i still am suspicious regarding his motivations, but i have to say he seems to be a lot more trustworthy than our government

  10. Its sad that people are more worried about who bought twitter and whats going to happen the what the goverenment was doing to control info coming from twitter and facebutt

  11. *repeats what zuckerberg said on rogan weeks ago*… "WaS I RiGhT Or WaS I FuC*iNg RiGhT!!!!" 🙄also that jewish luke guy really need to work on his speaking, holy s*it!!!!!! "Mannyipolate" isnt a fuc*ing word!

  12. If you look at all the democrat solutions to problems, you’ll notice the solutions they propose ALWAYS ends up with them or the government having more power and the citizens giving it up.
    Climate change, immigration, gun violence, health care, poverty, etc…all the solutions to these issues transfer power to either the Dems directly or to the government.

    For instance, their solution to immigration is to grant amnesty to existing illegal migrants whom they THINK will be a Dem vote for life, giving them millions of instant votes.

    Their solution to Climate Change is top down government control over your entire existence.

    The left wants an authoritarian government system that is run by them. I mean, does this surprise anyone? From the beginning the progressive movement was authoritarian in nature. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to get people to see that the current lot are not any different from the tyrannical collectivists of the past. Maybe even worse….I say that because they know how their ideas end, yet the want to implement them anyway. They are evil, and they know it…they just embrace it.

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