Two Fully Vaccinated Hosts from “The View” Catch Coof


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  1. You're funny 😄
    The mantra is
    1. They don't get it as bad
    2. They don't take up ICU beds
    3. They don't spread it as bad.
    4.They don't die from it.
    How TF do you deal with this mantra being shoved down your neck day in and day out.

  2. Ye I’m pureblood GB 🤗 . I do not comprehend why or how people can continue to believe in a ‘ vaccine ‘ that obviously does nothing. 😂 . I think it’s ‘ gotcha ‘ like the games.

  3. It says, …effective against symptomatic covid-19. Meaning, you still can be infected and be contagious with covid, You just won't get sick and die from it. Allegedly! I wish people would get the facts about what the non-vaccine, vaccine is and what it does. The so called vaccine isn't engineered to prevent infection or transmission of covid-19. Only prevent symptoms and stop it from killing you. That's it!

  4. But…But…Orange Man Bad!…isn't everything the last guys' fault? Trust the Science, Science, Science! makes as much sense as the rhetoric they spew! I would love to see the show lose all its viewers and the sponsors and have to get real jobs like the rest of America!

  5. I used to work in the studio B which is directly across from where the view is from which is studio A…. anybody that knows that building and knows that your studios and they will know that I'm speaking the truth. I was on one of the major soaps those are for many many years this was throughout the 2000s up until about 8 years ago and I moved on some soaps. I regularly would be in the elevators in the mornings going up the studio a which I filmed in. In those elevators I would regularly run into the women that work on The view if you call at work? They were so rude it was beyond my comprehension? As I was raised by my parents were still together after being married for 70 years. Like I said I would hold the elevator or just about to close the Barbara Walters no thank you Whoopi Goldberg no thank you except I saw Whoopi Goldberg checking me out cuz I know she likes tall handsome white guys that's a fact! 💪🥰 But she's so ugly I disgusting. I have a many many stories about them and they are discussing I heard them on the phone because the elevator ride it's like it's only one floor but it's slow and it's a big old elevator to the studio it's on the West side 166 street.. you literally walk out the door studio one block & go enjoy yourself right in the middle of Central Park. But the only reason they started speaking to me is after about a year they realized you know that I was on I was on the show I was always very nice to them always said hello good morning 10% of the time they said good morning back they disgusting people the stuff they said on the phone they don't care about anything they told what to say they have an agenda and it's the destroy America and the nuclear family I mean you can see it clear as day God bless my fellow Americans!

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