Two Lawyers Sentenced To Long Terms For FIREBOMBING Police Car, Media RUSHES To Defense

Two lawyers who have been sentenced to long prison terms for firebombing a police vehicle are now receiving sympathy from the media for their minority status. Tim and Ian discuss.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. When a lawyer breaks the law with intent, the judges podium grows a magic button that opens a hole to hell and the lawyer is throw in.
    1, They knew the law and broke it anyway and can't say otherwise.
    2, But most importantly being lawyers they were to stupid to cover their tracks making all lawyers look even stupider. They must be disavowed. Harshly and publicly.

  2. 45 to life is the start point for negotiation, even the feds plead down….my money is on something more like 5-10 with permanent disbarment and these punks will be used in the takedown of blm/antifa if they have any electronic communication with out of state traveling terrorists. we'll know more in a half dozen months or so.

  3. Maybe the DA is thinking about the rifle and/or shotgun ammo that is usually kept in patrol vehicles that could go off and do all kinds of damage. At least patrol cars out in Cali have all that stuff.

  4. Dude. You just can't run around throwing bombs at people and things! They are tossing around explosives, it's not like they were just lighting firecrackers. Are we already so used to this kind of violence that we don't see it for what it is? You can't have people running around just throwing explosives willy-nilly. Duh.