Two Questions For AOC About Her “Present” Vote on Funding Israel’s Iron Dome

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On this episode of SYSTEM UPDATE: The Democratic Congresswoman from New York previously condemned former Tulsi Gabbard’s “present” vote as an abdication of the duties of political leadership, arguing that a member of Congress should always vote “yes” or “no.” Why does she arrogate to herself the right to do this? And why did she previously vote “present” on $2 billion more in Capitol Police spending?

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. Wasn't AOC on the women Congress persons , called the "Squad," who were Pro Palestine and seemed to the public as "anti Israel?" At first she voted "NO" like her "Squad" cronies but then" She went against her own condemnation of a "Present" vote ….with a damn change to "Present" . We don't even know why she went from No in the first place, right? I bet the Squad were pissed

  2. Baby Bear is first in line for virtue signalling, last in line to challenge sociopathic oligarch Pelosi. Obama gave nice speeches too. And didn't do it with a masked helper holding the train of a $60,000 gown used to promote taxing the rich. We didn't elect her to give speeches, we elected her for positive action and votes in Congress. Then again, most national politicians have been compromised. MOSSAD is probably holding something over her or a loved one's head. We have a puppet government. Figureheads.

  3. The US gets a high return on the money they spend on the Israeli military. They essentially use it as an R&D lab.
    Also, Iron Dome is purely defensive. It shoots down rockets and missiles that Hamas and Islamic Jihad fire indiscriminately at Israeli population centers.

  4. Here's a question for you, Glenn. Why do you keep going on Fox to attack liberal/DNC hacks and scoundrels while feigning ignorance about Fox and your buddy Tucker being megaphones for conservative/RNC hacks and propagandists. Stop insulting our intelligence.

  5. Just another give-away to the military industrial complex. If it's true, and I bet it is, that by law for Israel to buy military equipment ie. weapons, aircraft, ships with our free money, they "must" buy from the United States which benefits U.S. war industries.

  6. AOC is learning to play the favor game….quid pro quo….non-vote pass for future protection on other future potential governmental placement, simple as that. Like we have had to learn here in the Pandemic, it’s that one hand washes the other. 🤔🤫🤫🤫😆😆😆🔥✊😎🔥

  7. So they can fund a billion dollars to finance 🇮🇱 Military complex, which discriminately targets 🇵🇸. But they can’t pay for Medicare for all, fund free higher education and help with the rent crises. Do they serve the American people or rich foreign nations.

  8. A.O.C. has been a lost cause since she said she would rather be a one term Representative and affect progressive change than serve multiple terms and accomplish little – then voted for Nancy Pelosi on day one of her future tenure. I have no judgement of a careerist in Washington; what's the point. But it's overdue putting her progressive schtick to sleep.

  9. Politicians who do the opposite of what they say they will do are either crooked or threatened behind closed doors. I get the latter vibe from aoc and the former vibe from red hat Republicans

  10. seriously glen. don't you know a horse head in your bedsheets when you see one?. Alexandria O Cortez is one pretty horse but a horse by another name is still a horse. especially a dead one in your bedsheets.

  11. Hey, mouthbreather, you do realize that Sam Seder isn’t a socialist right? Do you think that the social democrats of Sweden are socialists? Because that’s the energy you’re putting out. No. Being a social Democrat is still being a capitalist, they just want a slightly more regulated market so that corporations can’t poison the environment and getting away with it or for corporations to be able to fork the working class over. Sam is a liberal, possibly a social democrat and both of these political beliefs are for capitalism. Hey, tell me, how much money does the big corporations and the 1% pay you for your beliefs? Oh and before you get all triggered, I’m actually a conservative.

  12. Glenn, you're an inspiration to us all.

    Here, have a poem…

    The Principled Man
    Meager and indigent is the principled man;
    from grift no profit, nor gratuity undue

    Inside him lives his conscience;
    to which he must abide

    Each day he toils to pacify;
    past rents, bills due to satisfy

    Friends and acquaintances of past tumult;
    belong them to political tribal cults

    At night sleeps he with the greatest ease;
    no worry of others' lapsed appease

  13. 6:39 Notice the even admitted cowardice: She says reps should not vote in a way that puts them in a very tough position. And that explains everything about her. Because here was a situation where it was actually the most ambiguous and dodgy position to vote present (because no outright angering of the Israel lobby), and there she took it. (Especially that seeming tear-shedding added to the ambiguity, making it look either like she wanted to vote yes but was under tragic pressure or wanted to vote no but was under tragic pressure.) She is such a total drama clown. And the bullshit is so clearly readable in her demeanor that it is repugnant. (Back then it also only took me a couple minutes to figure out what a phony Ernie Anders is, and I appreciate that the SEP is smart enough to see that, too, instead of falling for the familiar controlled opposition theater like apparently the PSL did/do.)

    BTW, Gabbard did some of the same sleaze. She plays that cynical game, too. She once said during campaign: What's the point of trying to get rid of Trump when there's no better alternative? – Then she actively endorsed Biden and said she never misled people and was always gonna vote blue no matter who, and what a great and decent guy Biden is. When all she would have had to do to preserve her integrity was to stay passive, to not endorse anyone but stay out of it. She gets betrayed repeatedly by a crooked clown show and keeps cheering for it, just like Ernie Anders, the betrayal middle muppet. – Now she lost political influence and trust, predictably. Reminds me of the double loss maneuver that Corbyn pulled. He wanted that leadership role in the rotten system so badly that he lost that and disappointed his supporters. (Although to be fair, the disappointment of voters should also be directed at themselves, for still wanting a champion figure to do all the heavy lifting instead of building grassroots integrity like proper socialism requires.)

    As I like to polemically describe it, based on my impression, Nametoo Damnlong is like a Mexican cleaning lady who successfully scammed her way into political office because in that system that is how it works. – They call Trump a narcissist, but she and Ernie are, too. They consider their personal do-gooder image more important than actually standing for the substance. They are a bigger threat to the social cause than overt ones like Trump. At least Trump's bullshit level is low enough that he sometimes even playfully toys with his own narcissism, where it feels subtly tongue-in-cheek but hard to clearly identify as such. (and he is smart enough to repeatedly troll the bluetribe rabble. … Although that isn't saying much, hah.)

    Man, I have a pretty much lifelong experience of disappointment in society in the form of seeing and relying on people who would talk the talk all the way but not walk the walk one step. It was always ultimately defined by whether it benefits or harms their personal career ambitions, their standing among peers.
    You could say very cynically that I was always overinspired by tales of great character, like Star Trek The Next Generation and such. A virtue extremist in that area, not willing to compromise with normalized corruption, and thus many people never got the chance to experience my best because they rejected the opportunity out of selfish fear, even when they could have greatly benefitted imminently. – A very hands-on spiritual experience about fear allegiance/servitude.

    P.S.: 9:56 That phrasing "some of the only" always makes me cringe. Sounds like such dummy speech. "Only" means a defined exclusive quantity, typically one, not a vague, undefined amount that could be considered a small minority.

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