Two Ukrainian MiG-29 Fulcrum WINGMEN Over Kiev (NOT A DOGFIGHT- NOT a Su-35 Flanker)

This video is for clarification of the misinformation being spread around. The aircraft shown are both Ukrainian MiG-29 Fulcrums over Kiev. Neither of these aircraft is a Su-35 Flanker, nor a 27. Thank you.

Written by Hammer of Davey


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  1. To clarify that the higher aircraft is indeed a Fulcrum (edited from another comment I made below addressing this):

    Compare a MiG-29 Fulcrum to a Su-27/35 Flanker…
    There's no probe sticking out of the back, the horizontal stabs have a significant sweep and the LERX on the jet in the video is clear and bulges out a bit like a Fulcrum, unlike the flankers that have a constant arc into the wing. The nose on the Fulcrum past the LERX is also very thin, consistent with a MiG. Another thing to point out is that the wingtip hardpoints are nonexistant, which is a trademark of a Flanker. Ukrainian Su-27's are also blue (assuming both of these aircraft are indeed Ukrainian), this aircraft has gray colors. You'll also notice, at the very end of the video, the famous MiG-29 exhaust kicks out right as he begins to turn left, which means it is likely he is in burner(or idle) for most of the video.

    Pause it at 0:19 as the plane rolls slightly to the left. You can see the side profile, with clearly trademark MiG-29 vertical stabs. This is most definitely a Fulcrum.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this clears up any confusion.

    EDIT: everyone, I know tensions and emotions are running high, which is understandable. Please try not to beat each other upside the head over it.

  2. Yea if that was two different soldiers then the one on the far right would be a rere because he’s going in front not behind to shoot him down when he clearly has the advantage

  3. Good job UAF great pilots hope they do well and live to tell…Deffo not russkie…lower guy is either the lead and wingman outside and higher for better view…if low guy was after a ground target or low helo attack…brave guys wonder if the UAF su-27s are active?..maybe being held back for ground attack later

  4. This does suggest a dogfight, however, as a Cold War Veteran, I always asked myself just how battle tested are the Russian and Chinese militaries? I always thought highly of the Israeli IDF and if you look at their Biblical past there were many battles in which they were outnumbered and prevailed, thanks to God and I truly believe that they are masters of being outnumbered today ! With never a doubt of their battle testness!

  5. у украинских нацистов очко сжалось , это вам не мирные города в донбассе и луганске обстреливать , 8 лет врали что воюют с россией , что же только сейчас запаниковали , может потому что россии наконец-то надоела агрессия и методы террористов этого нацисткого псевдогосударства ? кстати не подскажете , почему мирным украинским жителям не позволяют покидать города , террористический метод живого щита , прикрываются мирным населением , тактика террористов , хотя с вашими двойными стандартами вы всему найдете оправдание ))

  6. Idk why but just for some reason I can’t believe this video. I mean I’ve only seen jets being blown up in movies and games, and for some reason it feels so weird to see that in this real people die. Idk why I’m like this but it’s weird I’m seeing someone blowup in such a movie and video game like way

  7. I love your professionalism, if only every PUBLIC TV had some of it. In my country, there is giant nonsense coming out in news showing stuff that a) MAKES no sense b) is straight up A LIE and yet it is commented in a propaganda way, it's so silly. Yet ppl believe that.

  8. The flight lead does shoot what appears to be an R-27T/ET in this video, you can hear the sonic boom, you can see the missile just flying over the house with the red roof, and you can see the smoke trail underneath the MiG that is going slow and flying higher than the second MiG

  9. Nem "wingmen" hiszen ez még csak nem is géppàr! "Wingman" a pàrban csak egy van, az aki követi a vezérgépet kötelékben! It kötelék nics, jàrör talàn van.De nem biztos.

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