Two Young Women Speak Up

Footage taken on November 1, 2021. Melbourne. Two Melburnians share personal stories about the consequences of government overreach.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. Thank you for your content.
    May God bless and have mercy upon the vulnerable, broken and brave. Lord heal the injured and redeem our nation from this evil mess. I wait upon Your timing. Have mercy upon us all and extend grace. Shalom. Amen

  2. Your a teacher right so you are under the duty of care act.
    You dont have the right to ignore the duty of care act their not your kids .
    And as a parent if you place my kids in danger because you refuse to be vacinated and follow health protocals .
    The first thing i would do is request you removed from your position .
    The second thing i would do is have you charged under the child protection act.
    Your stance is completly selfish and you put your self entitlement above others .
    You dont want to follow duty of care then get a job somewhete else not in the public sector

  3. Good for Aussies standing there ground and fight against government tyrants & medical tyranny as well because governments don't have Any Rights at all to interfear with anybodies rights and if they do,then they need to be severely punished

  4. As an alternative to being a teacher in a public school, you should do what some of the commenters are saying in this vid, start your own homeschooling businesses and online classes for that matter! You'd be surprised how popular it's gotten lately. 🙂

  5. Yes my son is 19 and he had the vac's without my knowledge and ended up in hospital with heart problems he's a healthy young man had the jab and almost dies so no don't have it it's not worth it I'm so Pissed off with the so called government cannot wait until til Craig Kelly becomes prime minister and stop all this crap and make our country great again.

  6. Well then, it's time to make some better choices and stop crying poor. You should be ashamed of your privileged self living in a society with free access to medicine. Seriously selfish. I'm sick to death of people's self pity stories. Grow a backbone.

  7. I had bad news to day my sister in law had the jab one week later in hospital having a open heart she never had any thing before why is it after the jab this happened how many more like her I am speaking out for her

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