Tyranny Light vs Tyranny

Is there a difference between tyranny light and tyranny?

We are entering uncharted waters in this country in relation to personal freedoms & choice, and many in our community are ignoring the escalation in tone and language by our leaders towards members of the community who do not agree with them.

How long before what we hear from the President of the Philippines is uttered by one of our leaders or bureaucrats? It’s not beyond the realm of possibility, even if the language will be cloaked as “public health advice”.

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. What part of "the jab doesn't stop transition" these clowns don't understand? Even the vaxx manufacturers don't say that. If all they're worrying about is the tax payer's money being used to look after me at the hospital I catch covid cough cough… the flu, don't worry! Let me die (I'll sign a document if needed). I still have better chances of relying on my immune system than this experimental DNA therapy.

  2. Watch all the overpaid, health dept bureaucrats follow Scummo’s lead and tell the voting taxpayers that until at least 70% of the country is vaccinated, none of us are going anywhere.
    State & territory Govt bureaucrats will shortly manipulate their directives, which they believe are enshrined in law, they are not, and lockdown borders effectively stopping interstate travel to all but essential workers. We’ve all seen how shit the Fed Govt are at rolling out the vaccines, creating all manners of excuses. If ppl die from Covid it won’t be because they weren’t vaccinated, it will because they couldn’t get vaccinated! There’s a big difference!

  3. There is new information from the CDC in the US about covid and vaccines. An article on a leaked document that the washington post has put up. I cant post the link because it will not post or is deleted straight away. It is dated July 29 and titled:
    "The War has changed: Internal CDC document urges new messaging, warns delta infections likely more severe"

  4. URGENT: They are getting v sneaky with these C-19 tests
    It was always my understanding that you had to consent to a test., but apparently not.. I’ve never had a Covid test
    But on Friday, after having a complicated sinus infection and 3 lots of antibiotics that weren’t working well.. my GP said he wanted to do a swab on my sinuses to see if he cld get the exact t type of infection and then prescribe a better antibiotic..
    So I had the nose swabbed both sides (hurt like hell)., the woman never said much taking it and On
    Sunday I get this SMS

    Dear ..
    Test on 30/07/2021
    Test performed by Aust Clinical Labs
    Pls do not reply to this text message.

    Like WTF.,,??? I didn’t consent to a test for Covid .. it was never mentioned., I rang my dr and asked if he ordered it and he said no, but they test every nose swab ..
    I didn’t consent to being tested for C19.. I told my dr again but he just said., oh well . It’s done now and it was negative.
    I said that’s not the point., the point is I didn’t consent!
    So anyone out there who goes for a nose swab or blood test bcoz of sinus or another problem., just letting you know you will be tested for C-19 unless you absolutely make it clear you do not consent.
    These bastards will try anything and everything!!

  5. Look at me, I think all vaccines are the same because I've decided that all vaccines are good based on blind faith and "expert health" advice which is never allowed to be critically questioned. NWO PUPPET TYRANT. YOU WILL HANG FOR SUCH EVIL DOING AND HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS.

  6. The whole world is on to the tyranny of the government of Australia as COVID is being used to turn Australia into a communist country and I am confident the day will come when the perpetrators denying Australians any choice or freedoms including stopping Australians from becoming prosperous will end in prison time for them. The vax does not stop spread but it will shut the MSM up just like the death rate in the USA was no longer a problem when Biden became President, if you have COVID and the vax and a super spread then that's okay, if you die from the vax then that's okay but if you test positive to COVID then you are the number one enemy of the Australian government and the MSM. So this proves a false narrative is being pushed on to the people. Notice the NSW health minister is all of a sudden concerned about the cost of the taxpayer when it suits his cause yet has shut down the economy and peoples freedoms, this is how meglomaniacal and sociopathic these people are, there is no comparison to getting sick and going to hospital and shutting down Australia's economy because politicians don't give a stuff about the Australian people more and treating Australian citizens like parasites.

  7. Yet we keep voting one of the big two parties in time and time again . We have to learn from this folks .
    Put Labour , Liberal , and Greens last on your ballot papers .
    Remember to number these 3 last .
    We need minor parties to win seats in senate to stifle any ridiculous policies getting threw .
    Our forefathers died for our freedoms it’s the least we can do don’t you think ??

  8. Stop spreading lies to the people. The vaccine doesn't stop you from spreading it. If you could stand up and tell the truth maybe just maybe we might pay attention to your BS! Do your homework it doesn't work!

  9. Wiggum isn't a doctor,why is he giving medical advice, my doctor said don't get the vaccine and I think he knows more than Wiggum

  10. That fanny NSWHealth minister doesnt even understand what he is saying hes blathering. The people who have been vaxed have nothing to worry about from the unvaxed. Because they are immune, or they are supposed to be, or why get vaxed. But thats pretty hard for that idiot to work out.

  11. For me, it comes down to this? Do you trust pharmaceutical companies? No, I don't. Do you trust the Government? No, I don't. So why would you trust the vaccine? People are so gullible and naive! Propaganda is everywhere, and you should question everything. And I already have a vaccine, it's called my immune system!

  12. What an absolute ridiculous set of presuppositions. Using shame and labelling others as vermin, unworthy of health care or the guiding hand of big brother. You are right…."We are entering uncharted waters in this country in relation to personal freedoms & choice".

  13. Taxpayers are both vaccinated and unvaccinated, what silly uneducated man. And all taxpayers have elected this man Hazzards and pay his salary. Incidentally he is still getting paid by the taxpayers. Just another self entitled arrogant politician on full pay suffering no hardship.