Whilst Justin Trudeau has bowed to pressure and revoked the emergency powers he invoked just over a week ago, the Canadian government is now making financial aspects of the Emergencies Act permanent.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Did you hear about the rep that called in asking if Klaus Schawb owned half of the Canadian cabinet, as he claims, was true or not? Lol. They cut the call and a couple of days later magically the "emergency" was over.~:>

  2. JT is a WEF puppet who is a hypocrite and a disgusting human being. Freeland is also a WEF puppet. They are proud about it, just go check the WEF website.

  3. This Freekland psychopath is a fascist ukranian havily involved with klaus schwab and geoege sorosh. She has 5 sisters involved with the world economic forum. The family has past nazy connections. She very carefully covers up her past.. She is dangerous and tyranical.. We should use all the tools to to expose her and pareaize her intentions to destroy canadian democracy!!!

  4. If we as friends and neighbors start avoiding banks and start dealing with each other by cash only, will our governments stop printing money? Will we have to resort to making transactions by some kind of trading or barter system? A short time ago I would have laughed at such ideas, now I find them being entertained in my mind over and over. Will we be shocked when our retirement checks are withheld because we didn't conform to some bureau's rules. For the sake of our children and their children, we must think ahead when electing officials and watch what is going on in our legislatures.

  5. Please note that Chrystia Freeland is and has been a member of the board of trustees of—our friends—the World Economic Forum since January 2019. And her “membership” at the WEF is a violation of Canada’s Conflict of Interest Act. Hmm, it seems that our friends at the wef are pretty cozy with canada’s elites.

  6. Bang on the money on this one Russell. I live in Canada and sadly Liberalism and love for JT's looks is a powerful drug of which many a voter cannot wean themselves off.

  7. I have been saying this for the last few years, and I firmly believe it even more now. There will be a civil war between freedom loving, hard working, "regular" people and the those that are leftwing, elitist, and liberal who are intolerant, do not want to let people be free to make their own choices, but insist on forcing their views and control on people who do not subscribe to their bizarro worldview. It will happen worldwide…and it be violent.

  8. I am Canadian and started to hate my country more and more everyday …. all the PC and the whole gender crap that they are pushing on young kids make me sick …. western society is coming to an end

  9. As a person who was "Restricted: on Facebook for reasons that do not make sense, I fear this is just the tip of the Iceberg and unless we stand together, we will all be living under martial law,

  10. The decline of a situation :
    In Canada religious symbols have been made by law "not allowed" in schools.Criminalized.
    Until a women who wore a Burka in school was the issue recognized.
    Not sure what was done about it, under the rug ? We have in province of Alberta had pastors, preachers, and people of religious significance imprisoned.
    Arthur Pawlowski is still in prison( he grew up in a country which was not free) (Rebel Media a link on stories)
    Arthur recognized an issue however he is calling heavy names which government resent.
    However in NewBrunswick they were discussing "prayer rooms" in schools for people from that culture at one point.
    Also not certain where that sits.
    How is it that Christianity as part of democracy and free choice becomes not quite obliterated but silenced
    , when this is vital to so many globally ? The powers of prayer and meditation are without any doubt 🙏 part of a healthy free thinking, society when it harms no one ! Religious choice ?
    Believe it might be worth investigation.
    Canda/ revival of choices !
    Thankyou Russell Brand.

  11. Are these f…g nice, peaceful Tyrannyland/world government's globalists planning to soon cancel the accounts of all critical people on this planet, including yours, mine, according to their great reset agendas, 201, 2020, 2021, 2023, 2030?

  12. It's such bullshit. If they want to punish me for defending my rights, they should have the balls to come out with their clubs and pepper spray and tear gas. Show us who they are. They're gonna hide behind their keyboards and wreck our lives with a few keystrokes. Then they call that "peaceful". More like cowardice. It's pure cowardice and tyranny.

  13. Russel, please continue empowering people to stand up for their rights. Please give us more ideas of revolution, and how to start an impactful movement in our country. Please give us support and inspiration to make changes in our society, its structure and laws. Please give the people a voice! And continue to expose corrupt people and governments. I feel that most people are so disconnected from each other, and feel so very small in the grand scheme of things, that we dont know how to rise up against tyranny. The people have the power! We outnumber the elite by far. How do we start a movement? How do we come together against tyrannical governments? We would be censored online.

  14. Simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I figured you out Russell and why the popularity. Fact check, research, homework, then call out the topic in question bring up its history and throw in some humor and play with it. Bingo! It works. Bottom line, in the end the truth will find its way to the top. And Russell is a cabalist to it…. Love it!

  15. I have lived in Canada since 1976…its been awesome until Trudeau came to power. This is the last straw , I am moving back to England . Trudeau is Narcissistic dictator, this is the thin edge of wedge

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