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  1. Tyrant? Biden is a tyrant? Are you sure? If so, I'm pretty sure there is an Amendment that provides a solution for tyranny. I just want to make sure the GOP is not confused or wishy washy on who the bad guys are.

  2. What absolute moron decided to go with this video title? Even if you disagree with a vaccine mandate, you would have to be pretty clueless about what tyranny actually is to be on board with this. Please consider being less intentionally divisive for the sake of those more moderate folks among your subscribers.

  3. THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT GOP !!! … this clown should have never been in office in the 1st place — YOU ARE TO BLAME !!!! you guys had 2 yrs to get the election system – the border – and people like Pelosi squared away — but you didn't — you whine & cried all the way back to your office complaining how Trump is twitting too much … THANKS to you guys not weakening the DNC — they become stronger and more corrupt — and you stood there and watched … !!!! DO SOMETHING !!!!!!!!!!

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