TYT Admits They Were Wrong About Crime

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In this video I discuss TYT finally deciding that crime is a problem & making a video on how their woke criminal justice policy has failed
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  1. 6:44 There is a reason that they are called Law ENFORCEMENT Officers and not Crime Prevention Officers. This is not "The Minority Report". The 4th Amendment protects you from some Cop arresting you because he thinks that you might commit a crime. Cops ENFORCE the law, but when Libtards take the penalties away for violating a law, then people commit more crime. It's hard to enforce a law when there is no penalty for violating the law.

  2. Cenk and Anna playing dumb and acting like they never wanted all of these policies that they have supported for years and called for…..Wow, gaslighting at it's finest.

  3. These lefties just want to take more moderate positions because they know that they're losing votes. Then when they get elected they're just gonna do the same thing over again. Don't be fooled thinking they're having some kind of epiphany. They always knew what they were doing

  4. It happens eventually to at least some that they come to understand that a maniac drilling a hole through the other person's side of the boat will have consequences for them.

  5. Stop! Floyd overdosed! They proved it in court! The video released a month later clearly shows what happened, the cause of death was HIS HEART STOPPED! I don't give a fuck where you have a knee, YOU CAN'T PHYSICALLY STOP A HUMAN HEART!!!

  6. these are the type of people that will do what they do until they are surrounded by literal hell fire and brimstone but be completely surprised they were part of the cause. not to mention the true blue progressive mind set of it's fine, should be encouraged even. as long as it doesn't effect my life or reflect poorly on me.
    how absolutely moronic can you get. at this point, if or when it all turns to shit.. the one thing that will give me catharsis is these people will have to live in the world they created….

  7. Ana's obsession with the "workers" in this video– and this insinuation she keeps making that they're most pure and innocent victims out of all other victims– is really creeping me out; more than her usual Commie gobbledygook 101. I realize she's desperate to find some way to put a Progressive spin on this story- but Jesus Christ. That last bit where Ana's talking about that case where a man beat another passenger (a woman) to death on a bus before throwing her body out onto the road, and she's all "think about how terrifying that must've been for the bus driver!", not, yanno: "think about how awful and terrifying that must've been for the actual victim to die like that". Wtf is wrong with you, Ana?

  8. It's hillarious that they still blame the cops for their own failed reforms. If the cops had shot him we all know what their reaction would be. When the cops arrest him the DA charges him with reduced charges or just refuses to charge him at all. If they hold him in the arrest unconstitutionally, TYT would still be mad at the cops. So what do you even want at this point. Also that ire at the sheriff's department for releasing him after one day is the cherry on top. Cenk supposedly has a law degree, there is no way in hell his lack of knowledge on sentensing is excuseable here. Also, the point Cenk makes is that the 130 extra days would have made a difference. Not that a sentense of 180 days in the first place is a problem. They refused to blame the prosecutors at any point. It's the system, the rich and the cops that are the problem.

  9. When I first saw this TYT video I thought it was interesting and very telling but not at all surprising that in the lead up to Cenk transparently coping about it they make absolutely no reference to the race of the person committing the crime but the race of his victim is important and worth mentioning. Minorities committing crimes is offensive and we can't talk about it, but minorities BEING attacked gets empathy and clicks, so they have to do these gymnastics when a minority is victimized by a minority because the race of the person committing the crime has to be underemphasized because everybody is equal and it doesn't matter and we don't see color but the race of the victim has to be stressed because it matters very much and is worth clicks.

  10. I'm 12:09 into this video and I just want to predict right now that before the end of it I'll be hearing how this is all still white peoples fault from tyt. …..and no I'm not watching their garbage videos to see if I'm right.

  11. Cenk and Ana pushed for these policies. Where was there outrage when people were being killed during the Floyd riots? Oh that's right they ran cover for it. Now they want to be pissed off so they can push their "workers" communist agenda. Don't be fooled they are not progressive they are just communists.

  12. I'll never give them credit
    Deport TYT
    buncha dumb commies who hate america. Take Hasan too.
    how many times in the past 30 years do you think this 41 year old took part in 'knock out "games"'

  13. Eh, trying to soften the blows from the constant criticism that they call themselves journalists but are anything but. That's why you see small little "throw them a bone" segments when they actually say the left did something wrong, and it's usually something minor….much like Cenk's proclivities.

  14. This is why not voting for these people is so important. It's going to suck for these people living in places like this but they need to learn their lessons so their children don't suffer like this and hopefully have a future

  15. Why can TYT show the entire video but you can't Sean? Can YouTube be sued for breaking the country's Civil rights act? This is clearly YouTube punishing you because of political affiliation. Isn't this illegal even according to their TOS?

  16. In the era of the progressive every day is so rich in irony and poetic justice. The cautionary tale and moral parable sprout from every interaction and situation like dandelions

  17. Media & politicians are pushing to end private prisons claiming it's modern slavery & conditions are worse than the DOC. I know a couple of people that have been incarcerated & they've said that if they had to choose, they'd definitely go private. I've only been able to find a few videos of men that actually served time in a private prison & their opinions were basically the same. They were treated better, food was better, facilities were cleaner & well kept, not as much violence, & better programs. There's a guy that makes videos about serving time.(I know there's several) I can't recall the name, seems like California was in there somewhere, California time, Idk something like that, he talked about an inmate he knew that was sent to a private prison in Oklahoma & when all this fuss started he had to be sent back, it was really upsetting but he's good at presenting what knowledge he has about that stuff, it's just kinda at a slow pace.
    I did read somewhere that people who served their time in a private were less likely to return. I'm not sure, but if that's the case I can see why the government would want to shut it down. Nothing the government does is for our benefit. Maybe we should rethink phasing out these prisons. Any thoughts?

  18. my thoughts. Qualified immunity SHOULD be abolished AND loser pay should be implemented. As for Ana and co. The problem with Progressives is that they are statists who think inconsistently and incoherently. Instead of bail reform, they should think more about prosecutorial reform and reforming the criminal code. But if they did the latter, they would have to become libertarians and call for a shrinking of government involvement in issues that don't create any actual victims.

  19. I didn't hear them admitting they were wrong, nor did I hear them apologize or commit to changing their opinions, their positions, or who they'd support politically.

    They're literally the meme of the blue haired leftist up against the wall, asking for the free healthcare as the solider pressed a rifle into their back.

  20. It’s like you can see the rusty cogs moving SLOWLY in their heads.

    Doh! Law enforcement is waycist. Doh defund da police! Doh, why are the streets full of violent people? Why aren’t the police doing their job…DOH!

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