TYT Exposed As FRAUDS While Attacking #ForceTheVote.

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. Politicians are trying to convince us that it is more important to have a democratic speaker of the house then it is for people to have Medicare for all…. unforgivably pathetic…..

  2. Cenk can never beat you, Jimmy, because as you prove over and over, his own bullshit burries him. I left TYT when you did, and damn do I wish I could take back every second of my life I wasted listening to their bullshit. (and I want the money back he stole from me for his journalist fund!) Jealous is crippling, and the fact that you left his "empire" and beat him is obviously killing him! 24 million can't buy integrity.

  3. As an INDEPENDENT you think people would realize TYT attacked Dave Rubin when he left & attacked Jimmy Dore unless they have collectivism ideology with TYT who believes in establishment Draconian rule

  4. Jimmy's right, Cenk's wrong. Enough said.

    Seriously though I guess Cenk thinks we're supposed to offer politicians tea and crumpets while we beg for better healthcare on bended knee, idk. But when I have a need damn it, I'm not polite and to hell with your tea and crumpets.

    Also, I've had to help pay for my parents medications while I'm on disability and OMFG their meds are expensive, Cenk can suck it.

  5. Hey Jimmy, you wont have much of a platform to criticize if you dont get engaged on the enormous level of censorship that is taking place across big tech…good luck being able to critique TYT in a year.

  6. Jimmy you're so naive you were naive when you were on their program back then they were all assholes back then and they have never changed you're the only one who is changed okay you've changed for the better but you still don't understand that Trump was good for the country you still don't get it…. but when you were on The Young Turks all those years ago as soon as they came out as soon as I saw them I knew right away I didn't even have to listen to their contents I can tell by what the f*** they were talking about in the first few sentences their absolute garbage absolute garbage and you fell for the garbage you fell for the garbage about Trump to

  7. Jesus Christ! You've educated me on why bad people get away with doing bad things. Because "good people" refuse to speak up as they (we/I) watch passively. Fearfully avoiding, as in my case, to not seem like the naughty aggressor.
    What twisted logic.
    Sir, you make me want to be a better (and louder) man.

  8. Cenk shoulda learned from when he was running for office that he isnt able to moralize peoples behavior and past and win that fight. He has said and done plenty of things that people can use to make him look stupid, rightfully or out of context thats debatable but this type of character assasination fight isnt one he can win against anyone. I really feel sad about TYT. I used to be a massive TYT and specifically Cenk fan long time ago, for me the downhill started when cenk called Sam Harris racist for critisizing a religion and talking about statistics and womens rights regarding islam. For me thats the breaking point where Cenk started going away from the path of being an objective and fair liberal humanist, to the path of identitarian regressive racist democrat partisan.

  9. What you are doing is exactly what happend to the left during the Weimarer Republik where social democrats. Spartakus, kommunists and other lefties fought more with each other than against the nazis / trumpists.
    You are a divider and I am out!

  10. URGENT UPDATE + TYT NEEDS YOUR MONEY NOW NOW NOW!!! Cenk & Ana have burned thru the $40mil In corporatist money already ! Please donate, even if your broke.. Don’t eat, don’t pay bills, donate to TYT today!

  11. Kinda pitiful that Cenk would whine about someone questioning their motives. I'm not sure about Jimmy just yet, but Jimmy is talking adult politics while Cenk is crying like a baby.

  12. When are when are you going to learn Jimmy Dore?… these people should not be in Congress at all. Half of them are not even legal that the Arab or that Somalia girl the squad girl both of them they're not even born in the United States they have no business protecting our country that they should go back to their own country you need to go and run for office Jimmy that's what you need to do you need to go and run for office get yourself in there your american-born legal citizen you need to be in here you need to build the wall you need to stop all these people from coming in you need to write legislation to stop these corporations get out there and do it Jimmy you're on your run YouTube saying it get in there and do it