TYT’s Insane Lies Reveal They Stood For Nothing

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Graham and Ron Placone talk about how TYT has done nothing.

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Written by Graham Elwood

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  1. Pussy riot has a legit beef against Putin? They degraded any legitimate political fight. What mature, reasonable person can support their behaviour? You can be friends with them but they 're going nowhere with that. Russians will never elect people like that. In America 100% but not in Russia or China. I mean, come on…

  2. When TYT started up they said they needed people to organize so I went to sign up for the protests or whatever and got to a paywall for donations, it was then that I knew I was duped and felt really stupid.

  3. You guys better come to Halifax in 2022 or I'll drop the big elbow on you from the top rope like I'm Randy Macho Man Savage and you're The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and this is the main event of Wrestlemania IV.

  4. This “mask off” infighting on “the left” will ultimately be beneficial to the independent media scene, because it has separated the wheat from the chaff, as far as true left-wing principles go. They can’t keep up the pretence any longer.

  5. Aaron is a comedian in disguise as a badass journalist! He ruins the day of these scumbags in the middle age McCarthyites stream world ? On Twitter his one line/sentence replies are legendary ?I love that dude ?

  6. Aaron Mate is on the way to become a legend. Greenwald is a legend. Jimmy is a great "advocate".. while TYT are sellouts/ traitors!!