U.K. Gov’t Ordered Censoring Of YouTube Videos – Leaked Emails

Leaked emails have revealed the extent to which celebrity British journalist Paul Mason has been colluding with members of U.K. intelligence to smear, deplatform and bankrupt left-wing and anti-war journalistic outlets like The Grayzone. Mason has even generated a bizarre “mindmap” connecting Russian psyops to Jeremy Corbyn, the Muslim community, trade unions and black people.

Jimmy and his panel of The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss these damning revelations about the Deep State operation to silence any voices critical of the dominant neoliberal narrative on imperialist wars

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. how twisted is humanity when the 'leaders' want to stop anti war voices.. like.. we sure they arent lizard ppl.. bein able to have so many killedn silenced wouldnt allow me to sleep at night

  2. ….Assange is punished not for exposing war crimes – nobody gives a s..t about that, but

  3. …..Assange is punished not for exposing war crimes – nobody gives a s..t about that, but

  4. I don't know why Bluementhal thinks Mason is a "celebrity journalist", Mason may want to inflate his own importance but the people on the actual left in the UK think Mason was already a fraud before this exposé. Mason's only perceived "celebrity" status came from the fact he worked for BBC Newsnight program for many years and was probably the most left leaning person on that propaganda program – but that really doesn't say much about the BBC or Mason. Since he left BBC he has remained irrelevant and most incomprehensible – this is just another ploy by Mason to stay relevant and in the spotlight, being a journalist he can talk a lot but most of what he says is total garbage anyway and he lacks any charisma.

  5. These Fascist Bastards, if they had any skin in the game, would today tell us the Boston Celtics won the 2022 NBA Finals.

    And if you corrected them and said it was the Golden State Warriors who won it all, they would call that truth "Russian Dis/Misinformation" and have you deplatformed along with your source of revenue vaporized like a championship parade in Bean Town.

  6. Nothing new here.
    Don't worry Russia and China do it very well, all the same 😒

    I lived in China, I can tell it is worst, way worst! Here you can read and being angered or laugh about what you say and happens…

    In China, you would not be in prison because you wouldn't want to be just erased from earth 😕 si you would just do as EVERYONE do there: 🙊🙈🙉 and try to get a western passport.

    I love your show and I hope all this crappy thongs go away but I'm afraid we are at war and we still do not know it.

  7. hahaha „we" are so fxxxed… the liberal elites will love to tell you sir how much they LOVE the fredom of the press — only to censor everybody who ventures outside of the offical narrative, it's schizophrenic.

  8. What would your life be like if you acted like an adult with integrity and a moral compass? The most successful 'Tabloid' TV networks and podcasters have one thing in common. They award D Trump God status. His words or actions are never questioned. It's called subordination for money and popularity.

  9. The definition of gaslighting is:
    A: In America our gov and media is calling anybody white,a neo-Nazi racist hater, and is the biggest threat to democracy in the history of democracy, even though we don’t have anything to do with or condone that behavior in our society.
    B: In Ukraine our gov and media call self avowed neo-Nazis that are covered in swastikas and all the symbolism of the Nazi armies, heroes of democracy in their fight against Putin, and sent $40 billion to them to buy weapons to defeat the biggest threat to democracy in Ukraine

    Gaslight conclusion : If white Americans wear AZOV battalion Nazi symbolism and vow to hate Putin, will we be recognized as patriotic heroes that saved democracy by our gov and media again?

  10. The so called government talk about hybrid warfare all the time they just don't tell us they are using it and fighting against us the ones who vote them in and pay them to boot!

  11. What you are describing is the operation of MI6 which is the UK foreign intelligence service operated by the Foreign Office upon which your CIA is modeled. It has existed since the 16th century but the modern version was set up in 1912 with both official and unofficial members including the group of people you describe and especially journalists from the BBC and all the major newspapers.

  12. If you draw a vertical line and put freethinkers and unbiased on one side and all the establishment, pro-globalists, progressives, lefty liberals, anti-fa and commies on the other side…The platforms would also be added to that list. The free thinkers and skeptics have none of the major social media platforms so this is why it's so biased. Good work on unmasking the traitors.

  13. max had walked up to a female latina woman in congress and asked her about her stance om the ukrainr war ..the same time he walked up om ro khanna..i cant remember her name damnit.. but she needs to be investigated.. her father was a notorious drug cartel lord and linked to hugo chavez and the cuban govt.. its all very interesting..its like all the countries the usa has screwed over has sent their ppl in to infiltrate our govt and use the tools we have allowed for war and destruction.. anyways ill have to look her up.i just remember thinkn shes very pro war no hestiation i looked her up..she used to be some spanish tv host..damnit i csnt remember her name

  14. Their stupidity and arrogance has led to their evil deeds being uncovered. I guess the stupid, arrogant, and power-hungry will tend to be undone by their own flaws, with the help of people like Max, Aaron, Jimmy and others who value the truth. It would be great if these people went to jail…

  15. I'm really and genuinely disappointed in Paul Mason. I've respected and trusted him from his BBC days to his support during Corbyn's leadership of Labour; his volte-face is shocking. We of the left in the UK think he's genuinely lost his marbles

  16. Deep state is really too broad a term, it is like shining a very defused light it lights up everything but nothing is emphasized. Deep state is controlled by heads of departments and they are owned by oligarchs that helped them get that position for the benefit of oligarchs. We should not waste any time looking at little people and backside kissing department heads but our focus should be on criminal oligarchy truly evil ones behind the scenes.

  17. When are we going to sue YT for its flagrant abuses? It is having its cake and eating it, getting all of the benefits of a large percentage of viewers, but acting like a private company when it denies freedom of expression.

  18. Hey Jimmy, Don't know why you're so hard on "people raping the land". Have you ever tried raping the land? Its not as much fun as you might suppose. And really, living in New York City, have you ever seen any actual land? Point is economic rape of any kind is initiated in New York City 99.99% of the time and you know by who. Hint, they are mostly in Manhattan. Clean up your own toilet first.
    Otherwise good report. UK effectively has no freedom of speech. And time is running out for the USA.

  19. Mason seems a true establishment lackey. Take a look at ‘ explosive debate on Keira Starmer’ on the Owen Jones channel, it’s hilariously hypocritical.

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