U.S. Assisted Sinking Of Russian Flagship Sparking Fear Of World War 3, Russia Threatens NUKES AGAIN

U.S. Assisted Sinking Of Russian Flagship Sparking Fear Of World War 3, Russia Threatens NUKES AGAIN. The US and establishment seem hell bent on getting US directly into a ground war in Europe.

Fears of nuclear war and world war three have been persistent as the war in Ukraine continues but this latest report suggests the US is already directly involved.

Considering NATO is providing training, intel, weapons, and indirectly it is supplying ground forces, this already appears to be a major war between NATO and Russia

Amid the rising tensions the conflict between Democrats and Republicans seem petty but the US is drifting toward civil war and it could end up as a major upheavel.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Stalin had assembled the largest force in history and was irrevocably committed to an invasion that would sweep through Germany and on to Paris, Rome and Madrid. Hitler saved the west by striking first catching Stalin’s forces with planes lined up against the border and ammunition on railcars packed up to move west.

  2. Tim, you are so painfully unaware here. If Russia has no way out, why not fire everything off? If you nuke major cities in opposing countries you immediately cripple them by causing their troops to come home and help repair the damage done. Yes, NATO is a war w/ Russia b/c we've sent supplies, arms, armor, etc. Russia has even said that NATO doing this makes them a proxy. Imo, I think we're closer to total nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis. I hope I'm wrong. I hope I never get to see mushroom clouds rising in the distance and knowing my time on this planet is measured in painful days, possibly a few weeks. The living will envy the dead.

  3. News from Russia about convenient accidents at important Russian facilities, is a right wing conspiracy? What ever it takes to deny the truth huh? Anyway, since right wing conspiracies keep being true, this must be too.

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