U.S. Begs Russia To Boost Fertilizer & Grain Exports

Russia and Ukraine together account for a significant portion of the fertilizer and grain sold around the globe, and the effects of the Ukraine War are being felt in the form of reduced exports of these vital commodities. Facing shortages at home, the Biden administration has now been reduced to begging Vladimir Putin to increase exports of fertilizer and to allow more Ukrainian grain to be shipped overseas.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the way the Ukraine War has reduced US diplomatic efforts to begging from ostensibly dictatorial leaders like Putin, Mohammed bin Salman and Venezuela’s Maduro.

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  1. Jimmy, I suppose that the opinion of Russian-speaking viewers hardly bothers you, but I want to tell you this. I want to shake your hand, hug you like a brother. I watch the translation of your videos from a Russian-speaking translator. Forgive me for google translate, I don't know English well. I am disgusted with what America is doing towards Russia (and not only … I can give many examples, but I'm sure you know them as well as I do) but because of people like you, I can't hate America in general . Thanks to you and your friends. I met a Turk and a Pole in western Germany, who were great friends, we tried to communicate with fingers and familiar languages ​​for 2 or 3 hours. It's unforgettable, although it was 20 years ago. I respect you Jimmy, I understand what you're betting on by speaking directly on "slippery" topics. "I'm not sure that Google translate will do a good job. The Russians have this expression" bow from the belt. you can understand correctly, but I will try to explain. This is … as the highest degree of respect (not admiration, but RESPECT). This is an outdated expression, but it shows true respect and gratitude from the bottom of my heart. I wish you good luck, you are very similar to a real person , not a predator.(Yes, I'm talking about Indians, Africans.) I really hope that Google will translate everything as accurately as possible.I wish you good luck, my brother from America.

  2. So, the Western countries have been shooting themselves in the foot the whole time with those sanctions and now they are asking Russia for a band aid? That is embarrassing.

  3. On the "accused Kremlin of using food as a weapon" bit – well, Putin would've imposed sanctions and stopped export of grain and fertilizer, but he does not, cause he actually cares not to harm our farmers, you see.

  4. If you ‘add blue’ to your diesel car just know that 67% of its content is chemical fertiliser. Your car won’t start without it and neither will the truck that transports your food to market…. So….. something to think about.

  5. It is called finance capitalism. Industrial countries provide shelter, medical, and transportation to support labor that it needs for production. The only wealth left is private real estate which is attacked now.

  6. 4:23
    You mention that biden is going around the world begging for oil. Funny how this war has at least two presidents begging for help from other countries.
    Putin and Xi are right . . . . sanctions are a bad idea

  7. …no JimmyBob, they're not all the same. If you're saying Trump was the same as Barry or Biden after you simped for Bernie…I say you're full of shit.
    Trump definitely had/has his problems, but he was nothing like those two. Or either Bush administration's.

    Trump was the ONLY president to actually put his country first.

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