U.S Case Against Assange is a Farce

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Anders Lee has an update from the torturous prosecution of Julian Assange.

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  1. i agree ,i new our government was dirty but after they stole the 2020 presidential election ,it was the iceing on the cake for me because i knew g.w. bush was instrumental in j.f.k.'death, i also knew the oklahoma federal building tradgety was a false flag and 9 – 11 was also ,randy weaver was set up ,kid and wife murdered and david karesh ? mostly all were lies about waco. and the u.s. attorney general now declareing parents (domestic terrorists) we know who the real terrorists are ,they are in the white house!covid ?? well look at whats being censored!!

  2. Cops have a saying "You might beat the charges, but you can't beat the ride!". This entire process is the punishment. They are going to keep moving him around until he dies ot they find a way to Epstein him. FREE ASSANGE!

  3. The United States government believes it has the right to arrest any citizen of any country anywhere in the world and charge them with espionage, and a slew of crooked US judges to give a pre-determined verdict of guilty, without producing any evidence…what could possibly go wrong? We're the good guys.

  4. And yet they do nothing about the known spies like Epstein, Maxwell, wexel, and the ones that they know about that are stealing and holding our elected officials hostage! That's why so much money is sent to the Zionist Israel government when that money can be used here in America for Americans! So essentially the American tax dollar is going to pay the ransom!

  5. Daniel Ellsberg is wrong. He was the whistleblower; like Chelsea Manning. The NYT & WaPo published Ellsberg's papers; that's what Wikileaks did with Mannings leak.

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