U.S. Gov ORDERED Media Not To Report On Hunter Biden Laptop Story

One of the mostly-overlooked items in the blockbuster Twitter Files info dump is the revelation that a secret meeting took place at the Aspen Institute prior to the 2020 election during which agents of the U.S. Government instructed highly-placed members of the media establishment to delay, obfuscate and mislead about the Hunter Biden laptop story, clearly in an effort to affect the presidential election’s outcome.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss this highly irregular meeting, what was discussed and the marching orders received by elite media representatives.

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  1. Even to this very day, the liberal media continues to obey the order not to report on Hunter's laptop. I won't be surprised if in 3 to 5 years or so, we learn about irrefutable proof that ballots were changed or not counted and the 2020 election was indeed stolen in the way Trump has claimed it was.

  2. why are agencies ordering suppression of news and why is media complying? suppression of truth is beyond any defense in the justice system if we are still us citizens. the agencies have violated their oath and need purged from our government.

  3. The plan to install a corrupt puppet in the most powerful political office in the world involved state agencies charged with defending democracy. What an evil farce.

  4. Jimmy – did you see msnbc and cnn going insane about this idiot republican about lying !! Hahahah they are OUTRAGED!!

    I can’t stop laughing. Politicians are lying and msnbc willl not have it !!!! He said he graduated whether in college !!! Liar !!! Msnbc will not stand for that kind of lying ..,, wait? Joe biden ?

    lol that guy might be president in 5 decades if he just lies more and gets more corrupt and then plagiarizing some speeches … he’s on his way !!!

  5. If that’s true then why do they seem to shill for others like they do people that happen to be left in politics? You can’t tell me the media went after Obama and Biden like they did Bush and Trump.

  6. If Biden is right wing, his Democrat partners supported the likes of Antifa and BLM who are more Marxist than they are right.
    In short, Democrats want to establish an election cycle that would make it near impossible for the Republicans to ever gain government. They do not even hide their intentions.

  7. Unprincipled despicable sellouts with zero self respect treating the first amendment like this is fucking high school. Lower approval rating than diarrhea at a gas stop.

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