U.S. Invading Haiti YET AGAIN

Ever since achieving independence 200 years ago, Haiti has borne the brunt of U.S. imperialism, suffering repeated military invasions, political interference and ongoing economic exploitation at the hands of the hemisphere’s dominant power. And now, with unrest growing in the Caribbean nation over austerity and political corruption, the United States and Canada are sending “help” in the form of armored vehicles and military personnel. Because what’s better for hungry, suffering people than an invading military force?

Jimmy and America’s Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the centuries of suffering Haiti has experienced – and continues to experience – under the pretense of “help” from the United States.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Everyone can now rest assured that the people of Haiti are going to be much better off under the tenter care of the US military empire, which has long established a glowing reputation for standing up for human rights, ethics, and virtues. Haitian people no doubt feel a tremendous sense of luck and fortune after these excellent news. It's also so humbling to witness the US empire selflessly part with billions of their dollars in funding such military interventions that are aimed at helping the poor people of the world – a true testament to US' long established unquestionable altruism. Another win for democracy.

  2. The Vatican, London, & Washington DC cannot allow other "non-Western" countries to prosper and allow its people to thrive because it would then rival the purpose of these Western countries envy to the rest of the world. Why would someone want to live in The United States, when Venezuela has high paying jobs, or if Somalia were to have the best medical care, why would the US allow this or anything that could also threaten the dollar.

  3. That's why so many poor and developing countries prefer China to the US. That's what they offer:

    Ports, roads, schools, power plants, airports…

    Military bases to defend freedom and democracy

  4. Sorry but I still believe America is a force for good in the world ON THE WHOLE. And for the record, they only abolished slavery nationwide 4 years earlier than we did. It was already abolished in the north, but given the demographics of the US, the size of our country by comparison and the fact that the south perceived benefit from it, it makes sense why it took us a few years longer to get there throughout the entirety of our nation. I think it also deserves to be noted that while may not have been first, first, were it not for the collective efforts of US and the UK and the pressure they brought to bear upon other nations both diplomatically and militarily, the effort to abolish slavery world-wide may never have come to pass and at least certainly in most nations, nowhere near as soon.

  5. Now because of all this garbage yet again Haitians are flooding South Florida. The Coast Guard just caught a bunch of them just off the coast the other day. Florida is already too full of people from New York and other states and now we have to take in people who are desperate from Haiti because of the years of theft by the Clintons on top of that?! I'm thoroughly sick and tired of this!!!

  6. I think there might be 2 reasons why the US is so interested in keeping Haiti divided and poor. They even felt the need to build their fourth largest embassy in a small and seemingly insignificant country like Haiti:

    1) They want to make Haiti pay its audacity messing he world order in 1804, when black slaves brought from Africa revolted by driving the French colonists out of the western part of the island of Saint-Domingue and declaring their independence. It was humiliating, since at this time the slave industry was at its peak and this island was one of the richest that France owned. Franklin D. Roosevelt did even drop 1 quote or 2 about the US willing to keep them divided.

    2) They must have found some very large natural resource deposits in this part of the island and want to use it as a reserve for the future. So they wanna keep them divided and immersed in misery to protect these resources and be able to exploit them at the right time.

    It must be eitheir one or both at the same time. I have no other reasonable explanation for this.

  7. I’m not defending our (the US) or certainly the French’s actions in Haiti but let’s not remove their agency or responsibility for many of their problems throughout their history. That “successful” slave revolt was a horrifying Civil War that lasted decades and ended with the descendants of the free blacks essentially re enslaving (or at least subjugating) the majority of the population.

    However, this is a classic case of the US allying itself with a small repressive elite to get things they want without holding the elite to any level of reform or even basic standards.

    But let’s invade Haiti again, because I’ve always said we should copy as many of Woodrow Wilson’s policies as possible. Why stop at joining a world war after pretending you were the peace candidate when there’s a perfectly good island full of Black people to invade closer to home?

  8. The last thing I need to hear is a full-blown massacre on the island prob. bc the soldiers were brainwashed into confronting 'criminals.' I swear, I saw the comments on ABC reporting and they're terrible. ALL OF THEM are calling for intervention. You know, those suburban neo-cons? Anyhow, let's be fair that these MAYBE bots.

  9. And levi's jeans are still a huge rip off and still your great grand father's ugly ass 1887 CE alaskan, 49ers gold rush mining pants that never fit right!! I haven't bought a pair of levi's in a long time and i never again will!

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