U.S. Launches AIR STRIKES On Iranians IN SYRIA!

The United States has launched what the government and our subservient media are terming “retailiatory” strikes on targets in Syria following a drone attack on an American base in the oil rich region of Syria the U.S. military currently occupies. The drone attack ostensibly came from Iranian militants occupying a different part of Syria and were responsible, we are told, for a number of injuries and the death of a military contractor.

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  1. The US still illegally controls one third of Syria, including its wheat fields and 80% of its oil fields. No surprise. Everything is about money for the corporate-controlled US Empire. Driven by insatiable greed, the corporate-controlled U.S. will never willingly accept a multi-polar world. Empires never settle for anything less than total ownership and control of the world's natural, human and financial financial resources. This makes the US the main instigator of wars and terrorism worldwide. Humanity urgently needs real democracy in the corporate-controlled U.S., fraudulently disguised as 'democracy'. The 20 year-long Princeton University research in 2014 revealed/confirmed the US is not a democracy or a republic, it's a corporate-controlled oligarchy which serves the corporations not the people.

  2. European race of barbarian and savages parading themselves as civilised society whereas behind the scenes pushing for more bloodshed across the world for money and resources to continue their criminal lifestyle.

  3. The white man goes about telling the entire world that black people are savages and barbaric, but compared to what white savages vermin has done on a global scale, I think black people globally are the angels on earth because wherever the white man goes expect sorrows, tears and bloodshed their regular trademark.

  4. Ukraine is losing the war vs Russia, so America will have to be at war at all times. In the meantime Taiwan and West Philippines sea is waiting in the wing. Oops, Africa is on the horizon. Yellen arrived in African airport built by China. Sh……t, America is busy, busy,busy.. Hey, America do you know what is most dangerous to you?? YOUR GOVERNMENT.!!!

  5. The US doesn't need that Syrian oil, but they want to make sure that Bachar doesn't build his country and military. In the meantime, the US is trying very hard to derail the Iran/Saudi peace agreement. The wickedness of the US would take years to detail

  6. Syrian Government invited and ask Russian Government for help against American Hegemony. War Monger Americans have caused, beside the stealing, ONLY PROBLEMS for the good of the respective country and nation of Syria.

  7. Thank you Jimmy, for your great service in exposing your countries crimes against humanity. I worry about the Syrian people, their only crime is being next to Israel. Israel wants Syria's land, so it uses its powerful Jewish lobby groups in America, to influence American politicians to weaken Syria, so that Israel will eventually be able to take over the whole country. The people opposed to this are Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and of course the heroic Syrian army. American propaganda demonizes Russia and Iran and they call Hezbollah terrorists, when in fact it is one of the few army's in the middle east that does the right thing by Syria. In 2006 Hezbollah fought the Israelis to a stand still.

  8. Someone needs to bring up the issue that we sent Barack Obama to Washington with a super majority to get us healthcare and all he did was make nice with the republicans and give us Romneycare. The only thing the democrats have to offer us today is that they are "Woke" which means that men can use women's rest rooms and they are not Donald Trump, which they certainly are not.

  9. Touche I never realized that we are the bullies After wordwar 2, all of the Communist came to the US and infiltrated our government would George soros The Rockefellers All the secrets societies People behind the Scenes.

  10. Iran is "invited" by Syria, ie legally. Usa Israel are "invaders and occupiers". Plus, the drone is "allegedly" Iranian origin. Doesn't prove who did it. Is Biden saying if someone uses a usa made gun, usa is responsible?

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