U.S. Media Refuses To Cover Bombshell Nord Stream Story!

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh published a bombshell report alleging that the United States, in conjuction with ally Norway, conspired to sabotage the Nord Stream pipeline. If true, this represents an extraordinary violation of international law and an attack on Germany, a fellow NATO nation. Yet for some reason the corporate news media in the United States seem determined to bury the story. Why on earth would that be?

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the compliant mainstream media and their deference to the establishment when it comes to stories that threaten powerful interests.

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  1. The FDA, FBI, journalism, SCOTUS, DoD, the FED, have all had their roles inverted, time to wipe the board clean. instead, the sheeple sit idly by as they are the ones targeted for elimination. good luck, boiling frogs.

  2. I applauded woman who directed her truthful statement, right to Unite States, and backed a renowned reporter with integrity,,,,,, quote "I am ashamed to call myself a European",, as for me,, "I am ashamed to call myself a American", I am 63 united states has been demonizing Russia and China,,,, since after WWII,, ruling elite of American have canary minds and leading the world into WWIII, claiming that America has a democracy American politicians are not leaders they are rulers, hypocrites in my view do you think

  3. Claire is a legend and so is the man sitting next to her whose name escapes me , both speak the unbiased truth on many matters the majority of Politicians cower from and media never report! I am also so ashamed of my country I left it 17 years ago and its the greatest decision I ever made !

  4. After Nazis cherry-picking the Bible the wrong way back in the seventies ,and being thieves. That actually started doing this ,that was hoping you wouldn't notice you were being misguided by criminals known as Military Officers. Then the bribery of military brass happens in 1975.

  5. What the media fails to understand, is that when they fail to tell us how the gi ernment committed us to WW3, they will be tried for propaganda crimes, and any resultant deaths should be grounds to sue these companies into oblivion. By that, I mean the mains, they need sued, not the battlegrounds funds they stock up because they commit crimes in calculated fashion.

  6. Clare Daly and her colleague sitting next to her, Mick Wallace are exactly the kind of people we DESPERATELY need in politics! Only their inspiring speeches are constantly ignored by the media just like this article by Seymour Hersh, we've truly let ourselves being owned by a corporate West… Time to wake the F up, humans!

  7. So you are saying the Globalist (US Region) MSM is trying to shut down the Nord Stream Story
    about the Globalist PUPPET Regime of Joe Biden destroying the gas pipe line.

    IsJoe Biden shutting down reliable affordable energy for citizens believable ? ……. errr DUH

  8. They refuse to cover it because it's really vague and it all comes from a single undisclosed source. It would be journalistic malpractice to run with a story like this. Yes. I have read the entire thing. Please do the same. There is so much guesswork going on and the only real evidence is the word of an undisclosed source who has been high enough up in the chain of command to be able to incriminate some of the highest ranking politicians. Running a story like this as facts based on an undisclosed source is straight up malpractice. Regardless of how credited the journalist is. You always need to follow protocol.

  9. The NWO plan is to kill off billions ,nuclear war is the best most effective and efficient way to kill billions ,Joe Biden whether he knows it or not actions are leading us to that NWO goal ,Joe Biden may not realize he's a puppet of the radical left especially Barack insane Obama who is doing everything behind the scenes to make the new world order a reality ,better wake up America 🇺🇸 we are one false radar blip away from nuclear war with Russia and China, and remember you voted for this .

  10. Our Media is a joke! I had to listen to ABC's War Wench Martha Raddatz talking about the "Chinese Spy Balloon" yet again this morning on GMA. She repeated the phrase at least 3 times, despite the fact that the US knew from the time that balloon left China's airspace days ago that it was a stinking weather balloon! How stupid does the Media think we are that they can just keep lying to our faces again & again? ZERO integrity.😣

  11. It's worth reiterating that another reason the Biden Administration did this is because it can then sell liquefied gas to Europe at 4 to 7 times the domestic US price. And for a country that pushes the green new deal, tankers crossing the Atlantic burn 2,000 gallons of diesel an hour.

  12. How many sources does he have for the story? Sounds like one. Does he have corroboration: The more supporting evidence the better, so if a story has multiple unnamed sources who are all saying roughly the same thing AND whose testimony is supported by additional evidence, that is better than a single named source with no additional support. But we know the media is controlled.

  13. When the mainstream liberal press likes the story ,like My Lai ,Hersh is a great journalist. When they don't like it, going back to the 90's The Dark Side of Camelot,exposing JFK's reckless private life, then he is a discredited journalist.

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