U.S. Urges Corporations To Keep Working With Russia

Economic sanctions were supposed to cripple the Russian economy, forcing the aggressors in Ukraine to pull back and dealing a devastating blow to Russia’s imperialistic ambitions. But that’s not how it’s worked out. As Bloomberg reports, the sanctions are blowing back on the US and the rest of the world in the form of inflation, food shortages and heightened economic insecurity.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the Biden administration’s bass-ackward efforts to punish Russia that have resulted in widespread pain all over the globe, including at home.

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  1. As 'global capitalism' and corporate greed bites itself in its [or our 'domestic'] @$$ once again. 'Business' as usual.
    Which is what Adam Smith's 'invisible hand' [from 'Wealth' of Nations, not 'Greed' of Nations] was warning against. As if by an 'invisible hand' the mercantile-class would prefer to sustain their own nation's 'domestic' economy before expanding, or 'colonizing' and exploiting cheaper labor abroad, for higher profits at the expense of their own countrymen – or the 'home bias'.
    It's ironic how so many 'socialists' understand and respect Adam Smith more than most self-proclaimed 'capitalists' ever do. And if he and Karl Marx were alive today, neither one would recognize what we've come to regard as 'capitalism' or 'socialism', by today's standards, by any stretch of their imaginations.

  2. Defacto sanctioning of oil and grain from Russia via vessel insurance denial only worsened the west’s own position and security. I’m feeling this…. I don’t like how it feels.

  3. The irony, "the sanctions are hurting the ordinary Russians not Putin and his allies" like the sanctions are hurting the normal Americans and Europeans not the ruling elite and their allies.

  4. Encouraging US companies to buy more fertiliser from Russia is all nice and dandy, but who is going to encourage Russia to sell fertiliser (or anything for that matter) to a country that is the main funder of killing Russians, when 3/4 of the world continues to do business with Russia?

  5. Bloomberg's claim that the sanctions are hurting ordinary Russians is still a rationalization, because they were intended to hurt ordinary Russians, but hurt ordinary Americans instead. Russian entrepreneurs SIMPLY TOOK OVER the existing former US-owned infrastructure and kept running the places under different names (McDonalds for example became Uncle Vanya). These now Russian-owned enterprises started making money that now stays in Russia, not one Cent going to the USA.

  6. When they tell you they are warried about damage to regular Russian citizens or they want Ukraine to negotiate peace because they care so much not to humiliate Russia, just know the BS meter went over 9000.

    The only people they care about are in Pentagon and on the Wall Street. That’s it. Not a single SOB more. Especially if that SOB is in Russia.

    You know why they are freaking out now? Someone with enough braincells to rub a spark ran the numbers on how much they’ve lost on selling shares in Russian oil companies for peanuts. And natural gas industry. And energy. And metals. And manufacturing. And freaking everything.

    Giving Russians back everything you bought or built in Russia is the dumbest way to hurt Putin one could have came up with. But they ran with it. For months. Till there was nothing left.

    And now they prep the numbers for their shareholders… and all of the sudden losing profitable (and in half the cases insanely profitable) business is a loss. Who could have imagined?

  7. I wasn't aware that the US has an entire department devoted to placing sanctions, I really shouldn't have been surprised. This says an awful lot about the US.

  8. “Punishing ordinary Russians more than Putin” – they were all saying that was the POINT of sanctions, to make people demand their leaders comply! They were saying that was the point before, now they are saying it is a problem! DUDE, CAN THE LEFTISTS!

  9. "Punishing ordinary Russians" they say. As if they care about "ordinary Russians". They have banned artists, athletes, and even cats from Russia, ffs! Lunatics.

  10. “It was very easy, it has nothing to do with Nazism, it has something to do with human nature. You can do it in a Nazi, socialist, communist regime, in a monarchy and even in a democracy. The only thing that needs to be done to enslave people is to scare them. If you manage to find a way to scare people, you can make them do what you want.”


  11. Rational actor Russia sees no gain in sanctions and has shown restraint with respect to counter measurs. So if the west could get over its tantrum normalisation is still an option but not the West conditions anymore. Do realize that Russia is near autark and anything Russia might need it can obtain from other sources than the West. However do realize too that Russia has lots of options to escalate on trade.

  12. looks to me, ''us'' experts , economist , scientist and on and on in "W" ( including ''deep frozen brains'' so called think tank) are bunch of 'garbage assistants, meaning ''assist US'' to faster approach zhitzhole! heeee

  13. Jimmy still thinks that the theatre (the owners of the central banks are making us live in) is real. The people that finance big business are the same that finance Putin, China, the EU and the USA. They want us – the people – to fight forever as they use Covid, the Ukraine and global warming and whatever nonsense they come up with (gender, BLM …) to distract us while they kill many and disrupt our economy and food supply. This is how THEY replace the death-spiralling Fiat system and force US – the hungry and immune-compromised people – to get onto their CDBC's and social credit system. Get a focus!

  14. How much you want to bet half of Congress is making money off of deals with or through Russia throughout all of this. All government is a joke, historically they only serve to take things away. You, me and the people are the ones that give things back. The government can go f*** themselves, particularly when it's run by a corrupt demented authoritarian a**hat like Biden.

  15. I'm working in Russia right now. McDonald's have all closed, but they have kept a contract to regain all their properties once the whole thing is over. They are being replacedd by a RUssian clone, one using the entire McDonald's infrastructure as there is very little imported here.
    Burger King, Subway are working as usual. All kinds of clothes stores are closed too, though they are still paying rent they are contracted for, hoping they can reopen some time.

    the sanctions are dirty war, international crime, and were designed to kill Russians, as any other sanctions imposed by democratic terrorist states

  17. Funny that everyone that mentions inflation, never mentions the climate.
    Jimmy for President? As long as he ignores the climate, he can't be my candidate of choice.
    FFS he and Jackson live in a state that has been burning up, is in a drought and is facing the long hot summer with 10% of their water levels.

  18. Oh for fuck sake they're changing Zelensky's name every fucking month, First it was Ladimir Yelensky, now its VOLODYMYR… just call him Voldemort already.

  19. This just shows how utterly IGNORANT Leftists are…. Because most of us on the Right in the know (and the rare Leftist having some light in them) were saying this from the beginning that these things would be the consequences.
    Ordinary people were going to be the ONLY ones suffering, Russians, Ukrainians by extending the war, the rest of us due to the instability caused by the aka FASCISM of the Left and fools on the Right in the world.

  20. Russia is benefiting from selling oil and gas in rubles.
    Whilst USA is benefiting by selling weapons to EU.
    At the end of the day its the Europeans who will suffer not USA not America.

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