UFOs Shot Down Over U.S. Air Space! – Project Blue Beam Fake Alien Invasion Government Plan Revealed

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Several UFOs were shot down over the weekend in U.S. air space, on in Canada, one over Lake Huron, leading many to speculate whether they are more Chinese spy balloons, UFOs from another planet, or Project Blue Beam. Media analyst Mark Dice also discusses The Report from Iron Mountain.

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  1. 6:43 “Why are US jets shooting down the space balloon over Alaska moving into Canada and why did The Canadia also scramble jets but were beat to the target?”

    ‘Well you see The NORAD BIBBIDDY BIBBIDDY GUGGUYDY that’s all folks!’

  2. These balloons are just like the US military project Moby dick in the 1950s launched in western Europe and sent over the Soviet Union……they pretended to be weather balloons as well…..if you found them anywhere you were asked to return them for a reward as they contained valuable weather imformation.

  3. Well it took me roundabout 30 seconds to check out the ethnicity of Dr. Paul Krugman, and it didn’t exactly surprise me, I mean what did I expect at the New York Slime? It’s always them. -Baum -Berg, Stein, -Witz, always.

  4. I've been wondering what happened to Bluebeam. But I think they're just clearing old research junk to make Brandon look like a tough toughie. I'm waiting to hear the Horn of Jericho before I'll declare a Bluebeam, maybe it's what 5G's for.

  5. They're going to use aliens as an excuse for the returns of fallen angels Lucifer. They're also going to release classified technology and try to link it with those same entities as saviors of the world. All of that will be tied in with transhumanism.

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