UK ADMITS Russia ‘Close to HUGE VICTORY,’ Trump & Kissinger Advise Ukraine To NEGOTIATE

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UK ADMITS Russia ‘Close to HUGE VICTORY,’ Trump & Kissinger Advise Ukraine To NEGOTIATE

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  1. I despise Kissinger, but it's not accurate to call him a neocon. The neocons deplored detente, that's why neocon Rumsfeld worked to undermine him in the Ford administration. Another early neocon was Senator Henry 'Scoop' Jackson (D-WA, a.k.a. 'the Senator from Boeing'), who was an unwavering cold warrior and vocally opposed detente.

  2. Dans un développement récent aux États-Unis, il y avait à l'écran un autre exemple de sport national américain – le tir sur des cibles réelles dans les écoles et les centres commerciaux. Avec un tel allié, l'Ukraine nazie de Zelensky, qui lutte pour sa liberté et son indépendance contre l'agression de la Russie néo-soviétique néo-bolchevique de Poutine, a toutes les chances de l'emporter.

  3. 1:47:08 That was something Russia should have planned for; if Russia had enough industries that could accommodate them, Spain and other such countries might have ran into Russian open arms.

  4. Your discussions about school shoutings and constant recurring school massacres should necessarilly include the fact that these children's and people's massacres getting worse and not being remedied after , even more than 20 years , by congress nor the senate or the Supreme Court , has indeed laid bare the fact that USA system is NOT DEMOCRATIC AT ALL ! Because it only takes few lobbyists from NRA or else to block the voting process about passing a simple logical law '' NOT TO LET CHILDREN OR PERTURBED SOULS TO BE ABLE TO POSSESS OR HAVE FREE ACCESS TO GUNS OR WORSE AUTOMATIC GUNS '' ! ! ! This discussion will affect all other war rhetorics of an administrative bureaucracy gone BUZERK over '' spreading democracy '' by attacking far away lands ! ! !

  5. This has been a victory for america .ths military industrial complex didnt just give 4 billion dollars worth of arms to ukrain .under lend lease that 4 billion dollars will have to be repaid by the people of ukrain .the american governments actions here as sales agent for the m.i ,c .only serves to abstruct any real negotiations resulting infurther loss of life while impoverishing the ukrainian people .

  6. Well done Jackson for another quality piece of work.Few countries try to destroy Russia but failed badly,It is a impossible task for Ukrain to do this even with support of so many western countries.Russia is a country with monstrous amount of resources & ability control by very talented people.

  7. That is beyond hilarious!
    When would Putin find the time to hack the Telegraph in the middle of a bloody war??? it seems that the progressive Democrats are running out of usable bull-sh*t! LOL

  8. Kissinger good or bad, his countless war involvements justified or not, but he is an EXPERT when it comes to war. His words should not be dismissed!
    What experiment Zelnskyy has in real-life, in war, or outside of the theatre's stage? well, Zelenskyy does what he is told from the White House. But maybe it is time for him too to start to think.

  9. Ukraine used so many thousands of sea mines the mines are a danger to all the Black Sea. Most of them were lose just floating about. It’s the Russians trying clear them

  10. Trump is a jerk that blows with the wind. He is a racist and a neo-Nazi. He is not a logical man just an opportunist. Don't make him a hero. Chomsky is in part being ironic and pointing it out to win Trump's base and shame the liberals. By the way, there is a growing number of liberals who want peace with Russia.

  11. Lie is all around. And yes, congrtulations on starting second cold war, mr. Biden ! Be absolutly sure, that it will last much, MUCH longer than you. Russia has long historical memory, unlike some other countries.

  12. 1:35 You better mind your words Henkel. Saying anything like that about any country is embarrassing. Ukraine will never give up their territories. Just keep in mind that the Earth is round and talking bullsh*t like this won't be left unpunished. Have a good day and take care about yourself especially in a dark alley

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