UK And EU Threaten To Ban Twitter


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  1. Hold On!
    The Right are basically the Forces of Law? Knights Templars? Puritans?
    The Left the Forces of Chaos…? Assasins, Punks, Anarchists Hippies?

    When did the world flip upside down

  2. I am governed through consent, and they can not physically stop me from absolutely dismantling their hypocrisy and criticising their failures.

    And I hope they waste their limited tax on trying to stop me. After the arrest, trial I'll drag out and everything else – I'll drain the swamp of a few hundred thousand pounds easily.

  3. Forget the ballot box. Time to hold court in the streets, just gangs of new york style knife fights since the uk and eu don't have private firearms.

  4. The citizens may have something to say on who are supposed to represent them and not suppress them !! , sound to me they are losing their narrative

  5. A. Banning twitter would make the world so much better it's literally a cesspit

    B. Elon musk does not give a shit about free speech he's an arsehole don't trust him as far as I can throw him

  6. this is the battle to determine our immediate future regarding free speech. if our governments win, they will tighten the screws. if the people win, they will still have a ground to stand and fight on and they will gain steam. i only hope we can muster enough men before it's too late. because i don't think the question is whether or not most people are for free speech, the question is do they even know they should stand up and fight right now

  7. If they ban twitter and make Elon Musk a fugitive then they will have alot more protests which will proberly turn into riots when they try to arrest the protesters and if nothing changes there will be more and more riots until the UK govement reforms or the riots will grow into a full on uprising.
    I really hope that things change before then though as using violence to reform the goverment costlly to everyone.

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