UK Australia Trade Deal EXPOSES EU Remainers’ Lies

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UK Australia Trade Deal EXPOSES EU Remainers’ Lies

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Thanks Mayhar you are so right that the lefties keep saying we are racist just because we don’t want economic migrants, they don’t even know the difference, and they also keep saying we can’t do without the EU which is rubbish, we will do well, they just like scaremongering xxxx????

  2. You will find that the reason why agreement for this level of free movement among the CANZUK countries is lowest in the UK is because of remainers who do not want this to happen because 1. It will prove them wrong; 2. It will strengthen the 'anglosphere' and anything that strengthens anglocentric culture is anathema to them. 3. They see it as harking back to 'Empire, and the past is a hateful place to them. 4. More immigrants/residents from overseas are likely to want to come to the UK because of what has been, what it is and not what they would want it to. As a citizen of Australia, UK and Republic of Ireland I hope one day the Irish would come on board.

  3. A closer relationship between Australia, New Zealand and Canada seems to me to be a more natural relationship than the EU. I would love to see this relationship restored.

  4. I have a question regarding EU law with regards to free movement, I've looked at everything I can find but under EU Law if the entire population of an EU country wanted to move to say Germany or the UK what would stop them doing that?

  5. A shaggy dog story with a point. Bear with me!

    27 years ago, I spent 6 weeks in France. In England I was warned that Frenchmen cold-shouldered tourists, especially youth hostel backpackers such as I – but I met warmth and kindness, e.g. a woman in Toulouse who saw me struggling with a payphone, and who then locked her boutique to come and help me. As part of my student deal, I had two buses from Paris to Zeebrugge. Not far from Paris, some passengers got off. I turned my head to see if anyone else remained, and my eyes met those of a beautiful young French woman in the back row. We laughed uproariously. I made a quip, and she asked me to come and chat with her until the Lille terminus. We exchanged addresses, and later wrote letters.

    At the bus station on the southern side of Lille, I searched in vain for the ferry bus. The place was ominously deserted. In desperation I approached a man in his 50s, who looked horribly absent-minded. He had a sharp brain. He rapidly explained that I was travelling on a French national holiday, and concluded that my ferry bus was due to leave from another terminus on the northern side of Lille. He told me to hop into his car, and as we raced around Lille, he told me he was a professor of physics at a local university, and asked me about myself. He saw me safely onto the Zeebrugge bus.

    Among those boarding the second bus, was a group of young Englishmen, 19- and 20-year-olds, I reckoned. They grabbed the back seat of the bus, and downed cans of cheap lager all the way, loudly giving us their opinions on coarse subjects in filthy language. Ultimately, they began to insult the French, whose hospitality they had just enjoyed. One of them decided to bare his bottom at all cars without British plates, as his mates cheered. His genitals faced into the bus.

    I glanced out my side window at French and Belgian drivers after they had pulled out from behind the bus, and were overtaking. Were they angry? No! Not one of them gave a damn. Who was a beer-swilling yob, baring his backside through the rear window of a bus? He only mattered to his mates. It struck me hard that the yobs were behaving as delinquent pre-pubescents.
    When members of the Brexit Party turned their backs as the EU’s anthem was played, this memory surfaced.

    For many years two of my (British) relatives have been married to Germans. The reality is that Germany’s educational “centre of gravity” is now much higher than that of Britain. More than this, the average German youngster from a low income family is now far more socially mature and balanced than his/her British counterpart.

    When I see comments such as that by "Nyctasia" ("Better 'Little Britain' than 'Gross Deutschland' "), and 477 thumbs up awarded, I think of all those unmoved French and Belgian drivers zipping past in the fast lane, and the ferry bus carrying its utterly irrelevant and self-important wee British yobs, full of loud and empty bravado. And I know, with terrifying certainty, what Brexit is actually all about.

  6. I don't want an open door policy with ANY countries or blocks, we've suffered because of the lack of places, supports, facilities etc too much over the last decade to be a fan of any open door policy.

    However, I'd be happy with a preferential towards countries in our commonwealth when a points system is used, along the lines of anyone from a list of commonwealth countries gets so many extra points because of our relationship with them.

    Ultimately we have to have control of the numbers coming into our country.

  7. The reason the EU got it wrong was that they wanted to force everyone on the continent to be European and reject their own countries. The only way that could happen would be by force.
    With the CanAusNZ UK
    Idea, that is just a getting together of Family! The Englush Speaking World!

  8. They were our closest allies during two world wars, we have similar standards, similar ways of living, we must be with our closest friends when we leave the EU, the mistake we made was ever considering joining the EU, we should welcome anyone from CANZUK with open arms, we should never have stopped trading with our closest allies.

  9. You better hope that they don't give Australia free movement into the UK. There is no doubt that Australian workers will outperform British ones and be preferred over the locals. Jobs will be lost to Australians instead of EU citizens. No win there.

  10. i cannot wait for the end of December and when we can finally say goodbye to these clowns and then we can welcome back our commonwealth trade partners and allies.

  11. The EU level playing field is an attempt to put the UK in a box. They hate the idea we will create new ties and association. Because they know every other member of the EU is watching, and it is terrifying them!

  12. You do realise the Canada is Pro MUSLIM, TRUDEAU is pro MUSLIM. As OBAMA is a Muslim and he wanted to destroy the USA. TREUDO, is just the same wants to destroy Canada. If open movement on immigration it could be a back door for the so called refugees to get in the U.K.