UK Bill Of Rights Proposed By Government


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  1. England has had a Bill Of Rights since 1689.
    We've had the Declaration Of Rights since 1688.
    We've had Magna Carta (1217, 1275 and 1297) for centuries.
    We've had the Charter Of Liberties since 1100.

    The governments (their backers) have just ignored all of it.

    MP's and ministers DO NOT represent the people, but those who back them.
    This is (or at least should be ) obvious.

    Dominic Raab is another foreign mouthpiece spouting shite for someone else's agenda.
    Look at the top minsterial positions.. all held by foreigners.

    Who do they represent?
    Their own?
    Or someone else?

    Just not us.

  2. I entirely support a codified bill of right as long as the wording is clear and absolute. Mealy mouthed vagueness and exceptions built in to pacify niche concerns will make it less than useless

  3. The Human Rights Act was EU legislation. Brexit will be paying off if we can get rid of that and replace it with something that actually looks after our human rights, rather than those of Abu Hamza and some bloke who just arrived in Dover on a RIB.

  4. the press? is a joke of a spin doctor bullshit in the uk when they have 500 thumbs up per post and 40k down ….youtube bring back the damn down meter….the media is a joke and the UK needs some honesty!!

  5. I always forget your cuckservatices are our(burgerland) lefties and something tells me that whatever drafts that pop up aren’t going to be simple and concise. There’s going to be a bunch of ambiguous word salad lawyer speak shoved into every nook and cranny. They’re gonna do that sweet ol hate speech isn’t free speech switcharoo then fail to define what hate speech is while enforcing hate speech laws they can’t define against everyone especially with emotionless online text. feel bad for you UK frens

  6. Perfectly understand your skepticism, but I hope it actually happens for you guys over there. Still, it would need people to actually stand up for it and enforce it, so if they ignore it then its sorta meaningless.

  7. Both America and China have constitutional protections for freedom of speech. The difference is America's Constitution also protects freedom AFTER the speech.

  8. Ardern from NZ is trying to repeal the UN 1990 human rights act which protects free speech. She is trying to criminalize comments that question protected groups. Basically a shut the fuck up whitey clause.
    14 years in prison for any “Offensive”, comments. People get less time in prison for murder or peadophillia.

  9. My brother's wife's house was surrounded around the clock for three fucking days……..for a moving violations that went to warrant. "Law enforcement" is a shit way for footsoldiers of the justice system to behave. We need to stop writing petty laws, stop enforcing petty laws and stop cedeing the responsability of your safety to the state. "Public safety" is a bullshit excuse for losing individual agency.

  10. How difficult would it be to get such a body of legal code added to the current legal framework of the UK? Would it be easier or harder than, say, the US?

  11. I don't think it will be a good thing.

    They are using this to get people in side whilst destroying the right to bodily autonomy and the right to refuse medical treatment or experimentation.

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