UK Continues To FUND EU Parliament Despite Not Being Member Anymore

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UK Continues To FUND EU Parliament Despite Not Being Member Anymore

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. The tribe will not tolerate Brexit, and they will do whatever it takes to destroy your country and force you to beg to get back into the EU. SMASH THEM!!!

  2. To be quite honest I am slowly but surely losing all support for this government. Obviously they are far better than the alternative, but if Boris doesn't get a grip and soon then he's definitely on course to lose the next general election. Multiple problems with the both continuing to cross the channel, the shambolic Handling of the covid lie, and now this. And that's without bringing into question his Handling of the black lives matter problem

  3. I hear on another site that due to something May & her remainers signed that any deal at all that we agreed to would result in our having to pay something like £187 billion over some years. Only if we leave under WTO in essence – no deal does this mean we don't have to pay. Is this true or incorrect info ??

  4. No wonder they think we are weak halfwits, we are meant to be out and this asshole PM is giving all we have like a walking charity with our money, the deal is no nearer and he said we were off on wto if they wont deal, they take the piss and we are still talking, Boris get a grip man your looking more of a weakling the longer this goes on

  5. ever watched Farage's video about the logistics required because the EU is split between Strasbourg and Brussels? Once a month each MEP's office and paperwork needs to be boxed and crated and then physically trucked from one place to another then back again. Each month! To maintain the conceit of having a parliament located in two completely different places.

  6. The EU Parliament is a sham. It‘s a simple voting chamber that simply rubber stamps legislation coming from the commission. There is no scrutiny and no amendments. It does not even hold debates. That’s all done behind closed doors at the commission.

  7. Mahyar. We have been taken for idiots by Parliament since day one. I wonder how many other things we are being ripped off with.. We are all getting really sick of all the deceitful disgusting lying actions from the MP,s. These things come to light then they wonder why we have no trust in ANYTHING THEY SAY. THEY DON,T CARE AS IT ISN,T THEIR MONEY. IT IS OUR HARD EARNED TAXES. THEIR NOT BOTHERED ABOUT OUR VETERANS SLEEPING ON THE STREETS AND CHILDREN GOING HUNGRY. GETTING FED FROM THE FOOD BANKS. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. WE NEED TO CHANGE THE TORY,S FOR NIGELS PARTY. HOW. DO THE. TORYS THINK WE ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO LET THESE BACK STABBING ACTIONS CARRY ON. THE TORY PARTY ARE LYING SCUM. PROVED WE CAN,T TRUST THEM AT ALL.

  8. Our troops are out in Bosnia as we speak under EU control, we will end up funding their EU Defence Force the majority of EU countries don't and won't pay contributions to NATO so we'd be the country carrying the costs plus losing all control over our military and military infrastructure which includes our nuclear weapons the British people did not agree to this and the government are trying to keep it quiet !

  9. The government must end these payments to the EU asap especially when the EU is determined to try and punish the UK over trade. Sack any official who signs the authorisations for these payments unless the payment is specifically authorised by the government.