UK Ditches Ban On “Legal But Harmful” Speech


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  1. There is a difference between protecting kids and censorship. And they are trying hard to censor the internet even more.

    Parents are just too lazy to just child proof their kids phones, that’s all you’ve got to do. Until they can understand things.

    If they keep censoring the internet, you will have to put your I.D on everything and people will be able to track you.

    So they will know what Porn you’re watching, what information you are getting, and what you are saying online.

    Also instead of trying to censor the internet even more than it already is, isn’t it better to focus on mental health issues and actually fund more things to help those people who are suffering with depression and mental health issues?, but no they don’t want to focus on that do they.

  2. Keep making videos like this Dank. You’re my outlet. I live in Montreal and it’s a socialist shit hole in the middle of Quebec overrun by activist teachers and MAID workers

  3. Ironically, the people that don’t like freedom of speech say we live in the Middle Ages and need to get with the times. And they call them selves “progressive”

  4. If the govt was serious about proof of age, they would have an online service where anyone could put in a national insurance number and password and get the age of that person – this is a service that needs to exist, and has needed to exist since the creation of the web. Currently there is NO service from the govt for any one running a website to verify the age of their users, meaning that all we have is asking the user to pinky swear they are over 18. Its trivial to set this up as a web hook service that hides all data but the age of the user from the company running the site (just like the verification of payment details via credit card are hidden from the website/vendor) AND hides the website from the govt (meaning the govt isn't tracking the people).
    It wont happen of course, but it should and its trivial to set up.

  5. "Protect the children" is just an excuse for censuring everything they don't like. Like these tech companies can't create an AI that recognizes your age and filters content.. naah.. instead they create super advanced AI that does everything to track adults purchase habits instead🤦

  6. cannae reasonably expect parents to monitor what their kids are doing online. half of them are falling for phishing scams and loading devices with malware 🤣 would probably fall for grooming themselves

  7. WHY do es it take so long for any govt. finally to do the bleeding obvious! I guess it's because too many people vote for gutless, inept careerists instead of leaders.

  8. Make sure to explain that folks probably shouldn't be using the parental controls excuse for 18+. Always remember, people will have delusions and use being someone's parents as an excuse to suppress access to information, harass someone while gaming, harass someone while surfing online, intellectual property theft, and suppression of earning income online. Abuse comes in many forms. People do try to use abuse as a control mechanism. The history of our Southern Heritage & Culture teaches us this. The history of WWII teaches us this as well. The history of communism teaches us this. The history of human nature teaches us that Anarchy can lead to this as well. 💯

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