UK Government about to ban Huawei! (4k)

In a move that will definitely upset Beijing, the UK government will soon be announcing that Huawei will be banned from our comms infrastructure from next year.

It looks like a group of 40-60 Tory backbenchers have won a very significant victory over their own government, by applying sufficient pressure to get the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to drop Huawei from our communications infrastructure plans.

And further, it looks like the ban could be extended to stripping the whole of our comms network of Huawei kit by as soon as the end of 2024 – that is according to the Telegraph.

Although the Times said it could be 2027.

The rebel Tory MPs are rightly concerned about having a Chinese tech giant – that is ultimately controlled by the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing – interweaving potentially eavesdropping kit, or worse, into the fabric of our comms systems.




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. Now that the PRC government knows that the UK is removing Huawei from its communications infrastructure, they may find subtle ways to sabotage the UK communications infrastructure and/or make it more difficult for the UK to replace its present Huawei equipment. Therefore, it is extremely important for the UK to be hyper vigilant when it comes to monitoring Huawei's activities in the UK and accelerate the schedule for replacing Huawei equipment to close this window of vulnerability.

  2. What about the millions of £ worth contract to build a facility outside Cambridge? Is that still going ahead, or are we going to get the Governments’ lame excuses that it will be a private contra ct and none of their business?

  3. You can guarantee that those "Software Upgrades" will be more like Malware Upgrades or Ransomware if you keep the CCP gear. Swap it all out to Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, etc… They will fall over themselves to cut a deal.

  4. Getting rid of Huawei for reasons of security, etc. is fine. Getting rid of it because the US wants you to is stupid. The UK should try to do better than simply changing from being the EU's doormat into becoming the US's doormat.

  5. These guys are having everyone on. 7 years is a long time in the IT and comms sector. Most of this kit will be end of life within 5 years. I don't expect they'd be running 10 year old gear in a top of the line 5G network. They could swap it all for much better American gear, and maybe our networks will stop being so flakey in the process!

  6. Don't forget the Chinese involvement with building a nuclear power station. Are we really such a useless country that we can't build something we've already built many times before?
    We need to restart heavy industry and manufacturing in the UK. Forget the higher costs – we build wages in line with the industry we rebuild.

  7. I would like the government to make it compulsory for all internet selling websites to clearly show “country of origin” for each item on their pages. Also, any goods sold in shops “clearly” displaying country of origin.

  8. Why should there be an issue unless there are financial interested parties in the framework somewhere. Parliament is full of CCP supporting socialists on both sides of the house and in that other place they inhabit.

  9. Yes and we have a chinese CCP involved in building our new nuclear power stations, just goes to show just how much of our essential infrastructure is run and owned by foreign countries

  10. It is laughable that you want to ban Huawei yet the USA Intelligence community has a direct siphon across UK telecommunications via Five Eyes arrangements.

    I would suggest the real issue is aside from the politics of Trump together with the US, UK and Five Eyes aren’t saying is they aren’t able to ‘tap’ so easily into Huawei infrastructure and probably prefer to deal with more compliant ‘Western’ alliance vendors? 🙁

  11. Before banning Huawei… please ban dual citizenship immediately?prochina nation people already vote/politically INTERFERE in UK politics…that too in regimented way…….is it not required Immediately????????????????