UK Government Pledges to Release the Grooming Gang Report

After two long years of waiting, the UK #HomeOffice finally has Sajid Javid’s #GroomingGang report into the characteristics of grooming gangs and has refused to let everyone see it. After 125,000 people signed a petition to get it released, #PritiPatel has agreed to release it…soon. And after some more “review”.

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  1. It is happening on a massive scale and the social services departments all over the UK would probably concur with you Carl. The amount of damaged young people throughout the UK who are suffering all sorts of mental health issues is staggering, and as a professional with knowledge of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and children who have been abused  I can tell you first hand from my own experiences that it is absolutely harrowing what I have had to witness because of the horrors inflicted on these young people. It really makes me angry when powerful people prevent this information from reaching the very people who voted them into power. It makes me even more angry when Local Authorities, The Police, and other powerful people try and cover up what has happened to these young people who get manipulated by vile sex predators. I'm glad there are people like you Carl, who are highlighting this issue and help to put pressure on the Government to release this report, which I feel is in the public interest to know what has gone on, as well as educate the country about the dangers out there that are a threat to all of our children.

  2. "External" review board, let me guess Muslim Imams, Police union reps, and Social workers Union reps all to cover members actions.

  3. does anyone have the contacts and clout to organise a rally in London? if we could get a million people-or even half a million, which is feasible, in the capital it would force action and changes in government and society

  4. More damning is the phrasing from the statement:

    “The Home Secretary’s response now states that that the Government will publish a paper on group-based child sexual exploitation later this year, which will set out their findings and set the direction for future policy and research. “

    It says that they will publish A paper i.e. not the actual report.

    My guess is that they are doctoring it.

  5. I was watching the silence from the left yesterday ion Space X #launchamerica
    They hate it of course because they are well aware the European man is an inventor, an explorer, a group of people who push the barriers of knowledge. Yeah the Patriarchy.

    I saw a few posts from leftists hoping the space ship would crash and burn. Typical – and of course they al l hope its a spectacular failure

  6. When this rubbish pc is gonna get canned and the law applied to everyone equally? These people have an ideology that is primitive, violent and degenerate! Simple as that. The worst crimes are ignored cuz of ethnicity fgs! F this pc madness!

  7. Using all platforms . This is it friends Richard just called for a British demo this Saturday . If you are in contact with any minority community , inform them and tell them it's time to stand up and be counted !

  8. Politicians are being hoodwinked by hope not hate. They should release the transcripts from the rape gangs’ trials to hear the disgusting things they said about their white victims.

  9. Grooming gangs,,nothing done about it ?? now bending your fff knees for black lives matter
    i saw on YouTube today,, [ 1 ] black skin woman
    i think in the UK,, said white lives DONT MATTER,, did not see nothing in the media
    about that.. how shame full and gutles and the Police,, this country has become,